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  1. Thanks - sorry to keep asking questions, but how much approx are the opening ceremony and paid talks normally? Thanks so much
  2. Ok - thanks for clarifying. From past events, do the Leutenant packages sell out quite quickly? Thanks again
  3. Sorry, i'm confused too. Do we get to choose which paid talks to go for (am thinking of going for the Lieutenant package)? Or does it depend on which box I select now, and then are just assigned talks as per box? Thanks - sorry to be slow on the uptake.
  4. Hi Got a room sorted :) Re. the ticket packages - do the Bronze (Lieutenant) packages sell out quite quickly normally? Thanks for the info.
  5. Hi all This announcement is good news! Just need to sort out a reasonably priced hotel now - don't know Birmingham very well, so quite a challenge. Where have others booked? Also, last time I went for the standard 3 day ticket but the Lieutenant package seem very good value for money this time. Thanks
  6. Hi Please excuse my ignorance but never been to a Comic Con before. I'm not interested (read: can't afford lol) in autographs, so are there a number of free or paid talks available to go to or pre-book? Thanks so much everyone All the best
  7. I heard from somewhere that the 2015 one is going to be outside the UK - anyone got any more info? Thanks
  8. Another event next year would be fantastic - keeping my tentacles crossed!
  9. I do hope Showmasters don't take this rubbish to heart - it was a great event and they should be congratulated.
  10. HI I've never been to a LFCC before - do the guests do any talks (like a normal convention) or is it just autographs? Thanks
  11. My main wants would be: More bridge or set areas you could walk around A simulator type thing where you could go on a Trek adventure More interactive things to do/look at A proper Quarks bar Better decorated main hall to make it feel more Trek A lot more seating for stage B Much better evening entertainment - a stage play would be great, followed by a decent disco with a DJ and better seating. An earlier start on Friday Thanks
  12. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the event. I came with a friend and we simply had the best time with many, many highlights. Well done to everyone involved and I sincerely hope you are able to put another Trek event on next year. I also wanted to say that I spoke to a LOT of people who were enjoying the event and having a great time so please don't take the any perceived negativism to heart - apart from one or two things that could be changed for next time, it was an outstanding event and a credit to everyone involved for having such ambitious aims and succeeding. Thanks again - roll on the next one!
  13. I don't agree that the free talks on stage B should have been charged for (the entry ticket was expensive enough as it is and you expect talks included at a convention) - the main improvement needs to be higher capacity and better seating/screen layout so everyone can get a chance to see the talks even if they arrive later. I arrived at the venue at 8.50am on Sat morning to join the entrance queue and got all the talk tickets I wanted by 10.10am - so you didn't need to arrive hours before the event opened but needed higher capacity to accommodate more people.. I sympathise for those who missed out on tickets. As had been said many times, the stage needed more seating, the screens needed to be higher and there needed to be better signage. The guide book didn't help as it didn't mention that tickets were needed for stage B. Hopefully these are all things to be learnt for next time - and am keeping fingers crossed there will be a next time!
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