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  1. I accidently wiped my phone pics from the show (grrrrrr) and my friend Tim only got a few shots. Did any one get any photos of me as THE DOCTOR and TIM as CAPTAIN JACK HARKNESS can u post them here as I would like to put them on my myspace. Cheers. Ps. Did ever one have a good time.... I did!!!!
  2. it's a fight in here.... oh I am The Doctor by the way.....
  3. If I can get down for C12, I am debating a Donna costume- maybe from the runaway bride! :-D I definately want to cosplay Donna at some point though. Oh, and did I catch a glimpse of you at the blackpool illuminations switch on by any chance? yep that was me.... yay come as Donna! I 've had a Rose (or two.... ) but no Donna or Martha yet
  4. My TARDIS....which took 3 months to build. I am the Doctor..... Actualy my name is Chris, 23 and i am a music video director.... don't believe me watch my showreel on myspace. www.myspace.com/chrisstonefilmdirector I have directed vids in LA and New York. Currently single (shock).... so ladies interested.... get in touch ;-) Me as The Doctor Me shoot 'Miarge' music video (you can find it on youtube) for Hemstock and Jennings... its based on the Christopher Lee Hammer Horrors.
  6. Specsavers Two brands..one is Hugo Boss and one is unbranded. I got them cheap as I am currently unemplyed. But up to £135 for two pairs under the buy one get one free..I said buy one, get one free..oops..that's that safestyle windows...lol £135 for the Hugo Boss Buy One Get Second Pair Free cheers matey.
  7. cool... well i got the info from someone connected with the show... so this looks like it cud be true!
  8. ah yes ever time i saw you i was out of costume! lol! really pleased with my suit... although maybe next time i wont wear the coat for so long as i almost boiled to death. i had my pic taken with the little vader and the guy dressed as Davey Jones..... hahahah his costume was very good.... he even smelled like fish!!!
  9. where did u get them from and how much? mine are 70% accurate but cud be better. cheers
  10. Rumour from inside source that Peter Davidson in a Children need episode!!!!!!!
  11. doctor who group???.... or is it just going to be me again!
  12. i was a zombie at this event...i was on CNN (American News)
  13. for the halloween ball at collectormania...iam going as ALAN PARTRIDGE as a ZOMBIE or just the Doctor
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