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  1. Det er vist lidt småt, men jeg er her da stadig. Har lige været til LFACC 2013 og det var ret fedt, omend der er ved at være alt for mange mennesker til den location. Jeg er dog ikke så meget på forummet mere - som det fremgår af min sene respons.
  2. I would like you to give Denmark another chance. I know you have had two here already, but it takes time for people to notice what's going on. I believe, that you wrote somewhere here, that it took 6 or 7 times before Collectormania Milton Keynes payed off. As for traveling; I would travel to another country, but not any country.
  3. From the first batch in the general chat, I would love to meet all of them at the price quoted - maybe least of them Stan Lee, but would still meet him if I was at the event anyway. But from this batch sadly the only one I would be interested in at the price quoted is Ian Holm. The rest is just too expensive or to uninteresting to me.
  4. I am sorry, but that was a bad example. When online shops puts up a photo and a description of a product, they expect to sell a certain number of that product. And you can be sure, that a small amount of the price you pay for that product goes to maintain the website. But they doesn't have to make a lot of each sale for that because each product will sell several times.
  5. That may depend upon the photographer. I am pretty sure Malcolm has said he has all the files on an external harddrive. But the other two may or may not do the same. Perhaps someone else knows better.
  6. I am sorry but I really don't see how getting the jpg on a usb-stick or mailed while at the show can be "easy". It would require crewmembers to do it, so people wouldn't steal other peoples photos or take forever to find their own. And it would pretty much be a waste of time to collect the jpgs untill you had your last photo shoot. Which would mean huge queues through out the last halfs of the day especiallst y on Sunday. I would love to get the jpgs, but I have trouble seeing how it can best be done. Other shows have uploadet all photos. It is the easiest for the organiser but not good for those who doesn't want their photo stolen or online in the first place.
  7. Another one of him. I cut the rest of the photo, I didn't just snap one of him.
  8. It is quite splendid! [beatles pedant] but the "odd man out" should be third on the crossing, not second[/beatles pedant] What do you mean? The odd man is the third one. I see three stormtroopers (though one is a shadow trooper) and one Biker Scout who is third in the line.
  9. My favorite would be Lea Thompson. She was just such a lovely person. Please bring her back. I had several runners up, but none surpassed Lea.
  10. info@showmastersonline.com I vaguely recall that for lost cameras in the US there actually is a website. "haveIfoundyourcamera" or something. I am trying to remember... maybe that would be worth having a look at if they have an UK section. Argh, I knew it looked off. I should just have wrote info@showmasters... or maybe looked it up.
  11. If you post any pictures from the camera on the internet, then remember to make sure the EXIF-data is not attached as well otherwise anybody will be able to see what kind of camera it is. I don't think the EXIF-data stays with the picture when using most photo-uploading services, but just make sure anyway. Edit: And anyway, if I had lost a camera at the convention, then I would ask at info@showmasters.com and in this forum before expecting to find news of it on fb - just saying.
  12. This years event was AMAZNG in so many ways. The lineup alone was enough to want instant transport ability. With photo shoots and talks on top of that it was impossible to do everything - I mean this in the possitive way. I met 48 guests over the weekend and had 11 photo shoots. My only regret is that I didn't make Christopher Lloyd's talk do to clashes with 2 photo shoots. Normally when meeting more than 10 or so guests, I will only get one autograph from each of them, but this time I still got 6 from Lea Thompson. So I am glad the show stopped when it did otherwise I might have had to get more. If you keep this standard you will ruin me for sure. As for the crew, I did have a few minor glitches, but nothing that couldn't be resolved by a nearby crewmember or pitboss. My overall experience with the crew, was that they was very helpfull with all issues, so thumbs up for them. About the bags at photo shoots, then I like the idea about the table for bags being inside the area. This would take a little more space, but the table or bags could be up against the wall opposite the guest and behind the photographer. When you enter you give your bag to the crewmember, they push them forth past the photographer and as you leave you can grap it from the other end of the table. There is one problem with this senario though. It could be quite disturbing for both the photographer and the guest to have crewmembers run back and forth with the bags. In that case a second wall or curtain might help. You put up amazing shows and I am very happy that you give us the oppertunity to meet all these guests.
  13. Gold passes are always £175. Though this time around you could get it 10% off if you bought it last year. But normal price is always £175.
  14. Me too. Autos first as that is what started it for me. But a photo with the guest is a very big part of the experience for me - though I much prefer to have them at the table with my own camera. There is a big number of guests this weekend I would not have met, had they not allowed photos at the table. I often observe the guest first to see if others are allowed photos at the table before joining their queue. Only if a guest is important enough for me to warrent a photo shoot (or if she is lovely enough ), will I go down that route.
  15. Define "like" in this context. I get autos from people whos work I am interested in. Not so much because I like the person. On a rare ocation I will get an autograph if the person is legend - though I couldn't be botered with Karen Gillan or Alex Kingston because I haven't seen anything they have been in. I must admit though liking Lea Thompson is very easy to do - especially after this wehkend. She would be on the top of my list for any future events should I get a chance to meet her again - no mattet who else would be at that event. Anyone who missed her missed a truely amazing person.
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