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  1. Name: Ruth Age: 35 Photo: Travelling From/With: From Newcastle by myself! Ticket/Intended Purchase: Gold ticket! Favourite Trek: Probably DS9/TNG but I love Janeway and Chakotay on Voyager as well! Favourite Trek Actor/Actress: Kate Mulgrew, Patrick Stewart, Nana Visitor or Rene Auberjonois Most Wanted Guest: Other than already announced guests, I would love Marina Sirtis, Gates McFadden and Jonathan Frakes Favourite Other Movies/TV Shows: Babylon 5, Stargate SG1, Firefly, Blake's 7, Torchwood and Sapphire and Steel. Music: Quirky/angry girl singers and
  2. I suppose I'm just looking at the silver and gold tickets and seeing what you get for them! A weekend pass, then buying individual photos and autos would be more reasonable!
  3. I would adore to meet Kate Mulgrew, but the whole event seems kind of expensive!
  4. ruth76


    Yeah, I agree with the people who suggested that Golds should be loaded at the front of the hall. Otherwise it's a very long trek, particularly for those people with disabilities! I was Gold 9 this time, and on the saturday I ended up sitting on the fourth row which was a bit disappointing and kind of put me off getting up early to queue for tickets on sunday, since if having Gold 9 isn't enough to get you a good seat, then what's the point? Otherwise I had an excellent weekend and met some lovely new people, so thank you!
  5. I'm going to guess "A Day in the Death"!
  6. I'm in the Travelodge so not affected by the moves, but sending hugs out to everyone who is! A similar thing happened my first con in the Park Inn so I know how stressful it is!
  7. I too would love a Babylon 5 con! Also a Blake's 7 con would be brilliant as well!
  8. They have announced replacement guests!
  9. There is probably an obvious answer to this question posted somewhere which I have missed, but what happens with refunds for any extra photoshoots we've already purchased with Ben Browder and Chris Judge? Is the money automatically refunded to us or do we have to request it?
  10. Awesome guest! Though Ba'al is my first love! lol
  11. I second that bugger! I was so looking forward to seeing both him and Ben!
  12. I'm gutted! It would be lovely to see him at 7.8!
  13. They haven't even announced the party themes for Chevron 7.7 yet, and that's the weekend of the 4th November!!!
  14. I wish I'd bought a ticket to this instead of Hub 7! lol Brilliant guest!
  15. Brilliant guests! My plan to save money next year by not attending conventions is now in ruins! lol
  16. I'm arriving via Kings Cross on the Friday. I was assuming there would be a tube to Heathrow then a bus to the hotel, but I don't know much about the bus other than that it exists!
  17. That would be fab! They were brilliant!
  18. I'm not very keen on Gwen, but Eve is brilliant!
  19. Eve gets my vote! She's adorable!
  20. I very much doubt he will, but I would love Gareth to come to Hub 7! To be honest, I'm finding the comments from people not wanting Gareth to be there a wee bit on the rude side. Not in the way they're being phrased, but in the sense that people seem to feel its OK to state on a thread about a particular guest that they don't want them to come. It's kind of disrespectful to the spirit of the thread and also to the guest themselves should they (however unlikely this is) happen to wander onto the forum.
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