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  1. Definitely getting a group shoot! any chance for the double pic with Jamie??? Pretty please
  2. Hi :) I'm Magda but everyone call me Mags, easier I guess :) It will be my 5th Chevron and I love it. WIll be in my Hathor on Friday so just say hi, I'm like you Tish - a bit introverted only one more week!!!! yyaaaayyy!!!!
  3. Absolutely amazing weekend!!!!! Epic, fantastic, superb! !! Loved it!:-) roll on the next one!:-)
  4. Hugs to mum!:-) thank you Yvie!!:-)
  5. Yaayyy:-) madly excited only week to go!!!!:-)
  6. A little bit over a week now!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaa!!:-) :-) :-)
  7. Hello:-) oh yes very friendly bunch of people!:-) come and say hi!:-) will be Hathor on Saturday:-) but please forgive me all if you will have to remind me your names :-( I'm good with faces but names are always slipping from my mind :-) see ya all there!!:-) :-D :-)
  8. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Aaron, wine always help but you will find that you will start making friends as soon as you will get to the hotel Zack, hahahaha :) thank you :) remaking it for this chevron :)
  10. Oh I'm always near the bar Forum Name - silveress Real Name - Magda Age/Location - 29 / Bristol What Ticket have you got/are you getting? - gold Most wanted guest for Cheveron 8.0? - Claudia Black atm but to be honest I want to meet them all:D Other Cheveron attended - 7.7, 7.8, 7.9 Hotel? con hotel Facebook/MySpace etc - Chat Email (MSN, Yahoo, AIM etc) - Favourite Movie? hmm.. back to the future, neverending story :) and plenty plenty more:) Favourite Other TV Show(s)? ohhhhh long list, curently watching and enjoying very much game of thrones and falling skies Favourite Music? rock, metal mostly but lots of different tunes for different days and moods Anything else we need to know? love reading Photo? probably hard to see there - the one in red wig
  11. people are very very very friendly :) I went to chevron 7.7 on my own and didn't know a soul :)
  12. I'm not even trying to guess as my head would explode... :) roll on Friday!!!!!!!! ... ... ... is it Friday yet?
  13. whoop whoop :) :) :) love it:)
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