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  1. If you could possibly add even one additional shuttle astronaut, that would be most appealing. Chris Hadfield would male an interesting guest and would certainly guarantee my purchase of a ticket. Thank you all.
  2. descartes

    Guest Suggestions

    A few more Astronauts would go down well. I see Eileen Collins has been booked up for one venue in UK already!
  3. descartes

    Guest Suggestions

    Please Dave, Jason Could we have Mike Mullane, Helen Sharman, Pam Melloy Please and Thankyou.
  4. descartes

    Guest Suggestions

    Mike Mullane would be an excellent choice. 'Riding Rockets' was an amazing read. I enjoyed it three times.
  5. The main thing is that he IS coming. Couldn't ask for more than that. While I am here, could you please please try and get Helen Sharman for this show. You can do it Dave and Jason. Thankyou
  6. descartes


    There will be plenty of SPACE related suggestions. Please may I request the return of our own home grown cosmonaut HELEN SHARMAN
  7. descartes

    Guest suggestions

    Excellent suggestions there Helmut. Please please Showmasters, could you get Helen Sharman again.
  8. descartes

    Guest announcement Astronaut Bruce McCandless

    Wow. Thanks a million Guys. For me a fourth opportunity to meet one of the nicest guys on the planet. 2014 is looking to be a great year already!
  9. descartes

    Guest suggestions

    It's on Amazon UK. The release date says 15 Jan 2013, so it's out and on sale. The publisher is Purdue University Press. With all his experience in space he'd be a great guest and the reviews for his book have been very positive. I totally agree. Having now read Jerry Ross' book, I believe he would be an excellent guest and probably keen to participate and promote his book.
  10. descartes

    Any chance of a visit from Valentina Tereshkova ?

    I would like to add my name to the list of those who would love to see the return of this very gracious lady. Showmasters, you can do it if anybody can!
  11. This year's show continues to be highly enticing. Well done Dave and all concerned.
  12. That's an excellent piece of news,Guys. By making the announcement as early as this you have provided an excellent opportunity to get some good items together for signing. Very well done. As usual, Showmasters are TOPS.
  13. descartes

    Guest Announcement Gene Cernan Apollo 17 moonwalker

    This thread will be full of laudatory comments for Dave, Jason, Paul and justifiably so! because they are amazing guys.
  14. descartes

    Guest announcement Walt cunningham Apollo 7 astronaut

    Dave, I very much like your posting on Walt's fees. That statement is very much in keepiing with the the AUTOGRAPHICA ethos 'customers come first'. Thankyou team. The days are going to go slowly between now and then.. Plenty of time to get 'health issues' on track. Allan
  15. descartes

    Latest Guest Announcement - JOHN STANDING

    Another 'Eagle Has Landed' fan is well satisfied. 2013 Show is already shaping up well and its only January.