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  1. Hello, Also I have always looked back on the website of "Autographica" and was disappointed that no new guests were added there. This development worried me and my apprehension is proved, the show was canceled. What a pity. "Autographica" is the best show I know in Europe and I have had memorable moments with astronauts, cosmonauts and film actors during my visits to the show in London. I hope very much that "Autographica" will return. Best Helmut
  2. Hello! Thank you for your nice comments about my video and I`m glad you like it. I hope a lot of people will watch it and then they to want to go to the next show. Tomorrow, it`s one week ago after my stay at "Autographica 20" and I`m still impressed about my meetings there.It was fantastic.Thanks again to Dave and his team. Best Helmut
  3. Hello! THANK YOU!!! Thank you, Dave, and thank you to all of the "Autographica"-team, which made this beautiful event possible. It was a fantastic show as always. My one day trip from Stuttgart to London was really worthwhile.The meetings with the astronauts and movie stars deep impressive for me. It was a great moment for me, as I met again the moonwalker Buzz Aldrin.I met him at my first "Autographica in October 2005 and now at my sixth "Autographica".Great! Also very important for me,was the meeting with moonwalker Alan Bean.My first meeting with him and the sixth moonwalker where I met until now.Very kind man. My meeting with Space Shuttle-astronaut Greg H.Johnson was also very nice.He spoke a little bit German with me because he lived in Wiesbaden and in Kaiserslautern until he was 6 years old.His dad was a soldier in Germany. Amazing also my meetings with the famous movie stars Barbara Bain,Kenny Baker and Glyn Baker. And I don`t like to forget the encounters with all my friends of the "Autographica"-family. Here you can watch my pics of "A 20" http://www.flickr.com/photos/helmut_heisig/ and here you can see my movie about "My day at "Autographica 20" Best from Stuttgart in Germany, Helmut
  4. Hello! Would it be possible to get autograph photos at the table which shows Bruce as he was CapCom during Apollo 11? It would be nice,because we have the 45th anniversary of Apollo 11 this year. Thanks. A 45th anniversary-photoshoot of Buzz and Bruce, the "Moonwalker And His CapCom",would be great as well. Best Helmut
  5. What a pity,that Hannah Gordon can`t attend.Maybe another chance in a future show. Best Helmut
  6. Hello! I`m looking forward with a great joy to meet Hannah Gordon because she acted in "Upstairs,Downstairs". It was a very succeful TV-series here in Germany called "Das Haus am Eaton Place".I was a teenager as I watched the stories of the "Bellamy family".
  7. Oh,I must correct my post above. I just read on the "Autographica"-website,they will attend on both days(All weekend).First I had read above,attending:Sunday.So both days are really great.Thanks Dave.
  8. Great! But what a pity,they attend on Sunday only.No chance for both days,Dave?
  9. Hello ! I have further suggestions of actresses and actors for Autographica in London: ACTRESSES: Kirstie Alley Sandra Bullock Diana Muldaur Marion Ramsey ACTORS: Dan Aykroyd G.W.Bailey George Gaynes (I know,he is 96 years old,but why not?) Steve Guttenberg Bruce Mahler Michael Winslow Best Helmut
  10. Hello! First,a Happy New Year 2014 to you all. Well,I would like to add two further famous names to my suggestion lists: ACTORS: Chevy Chase Terence Hill Best Helmut
  11. Hello, further guest suggestions for A 20: SPACE NASA-flight controller John Aaron ACTRESSES Anne Schedeen Andrea Elson Kristy McNichol ACTORS Max Wright Benji Greogry John La Motta Nicholas Parsons Pierre Brice Hardy Krueger Best Helmut
  12. Hello! I have a further list of guest suggestions for "Autographica 20" next year. Here you are. ACTRESSES Cheryl Miller Shirley Jones Susan Dey Susan Howard Gabrielle Drake Carol Drinkwater ACTORS Johnny Whitaker Clint Howard David McCallum Bill Cosby Barry Newman William Shatner Robert Hardy Christopher Timothy Peter Davison Mike Farrell Alec Baldwin SINGER David Cassidy SPORTS Boris Becker Niki Lauda Jackie Stewart Mario Andretti Nigel Mansell It would be great to meet anyone of them at the show. Best Helmut
  13. Hello! It`s time now for a second list of guest suggestions for "Autographica 20" next year. Here you are! SPACE Moonwalker Charlie Duke Astronaut James Lovell Cosmonaut Sigmund Jaehn NASA-flight director Glynn Lunney NASA-flight controller Steve Bales ACTRESSES Joan Collins Kate Jackson Melissa Sue Anderson Karen Grassle Michael Learned Melissa Gilbert Judy Norton-Taylor Mary McDonough Kami Cotler ACTORS James Brolin Richard Thomas Ralph Waite Bruce Boxleitner Jon Walmsley Eric Scott David w. Harper SPORTS Dwight Stones Ulrike Nasse-Meyfarth Richard Fosbury Bob Beamon Edwin Moses Daley Thompson It would be great, if anyone of them could attend at the show. Best Helmut
  14. Love the Radisson in Heathrow as well.It`s my favourite venue for "Autographica".
  15. Nick,classic Disney guests would be great. My personal favourites are: -Julie Andrews (Mary Poppins) -Dick Van Dyke (Mary Poppins) -Glynis Johns (Mary Poppins) -Karen Dotrice (Mary Poppins) -Angela Lansbury (Bedknob and Broomsticks) -Dean Jones (The Love Bug) -Michele Lee (The Love Bug) -Kurt Russell (The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes) -Jon Provost (The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes) -Jan-Michael Vincent (The World`s Greatest Athlet) More suggestions? Best Helmut
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