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  1. Nathan Fillion and David Boreanaz, please :)
  2. Wes Craven David Boreanaz Alyson Hannigan
  3. Michael Sheen Billy Burke Sarah Clarke Jackson Rathbone Catherine Hardwicke
  4. I tweeted ME a few days ago since they had said that they were meeting with someone from orion books but haven't heard anything back, I'm afraid.
  5. Michael Sheen Billy Burke Jackson Rathbone Nikki Reed Stephenie Meyer (may as well put it out there since we're official now ) Robert Pattinson Sarah Clarke
  6. It's to the right of the escalators before you go down to wait for the taxis, etc. It's just next to a small newsagents - it's on the wall on the right. Don't know how else to describe it - sorry :/
  7. Got their new track via FB and it's fantastic. Can't wait to see them live!
  8. Don't know the time yet, but if it helps, you're probably arriving in Digbeth?
  9. I've just started a half sleeve - got the outline done at the moment; it has the clock face for NM, the Cullen crest for Twilight, the chess piece (and feathers cos my favourite quote is 'Why am I covered in Feathers' LOL) for BD and the ribbon for Eclipse, which has written on it 'These violent delights have violent ends' (from NM).
  10. I've been listening to it a lot since watching the movie and it's definitely growing on me. Love Muse (but then again, always do anyway!), Lykke Li and Sea Wolf the best.
  11. I've only listened to it a few times, and found it to be one of the most depressing soundtracks I've ever heard. But that's probably the right thing, considering what New Moon is actually about. I think I need to see the film so I can associate the music with that, but atm Twilight still wins it for me!
  12. I stayed there with my mate last time. It's an OK hotel - the area looks a bit dodgy but they generally leave you alone :) Cheers Lou.
  13. Yay! I've just ordered my first photoshoots! Can't wait...
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