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  1. as soon as I saw this The Dark Crystal - Alchemist Labyrinth - Firey 1 I was sold. Sorry but Labyrinth/Dark Crystal fangirl til I die! lol
  2. My mum is helping me with the packing tomorrow. I have all my party things in a pile ready to throw in the case, and my wash bag is ready to go in as well. For the days I've got two SPN t-shirts, plus a pair of jeans, and some 'Daisy Dukes' to wear with leggings. The main space drain in my case is shoes! I'm seriously considering taking four or five pairs just so that I have options. =D sounds good! i have my evening outfits in a rucksac and the wings next to them and then mainly tee's and jeans for the weekend with a man's plaid shirt/jacket thing for comfort. wash bag is last thing to be packed in the morning.
  3. exciting! i'm a sorta punk rock pixie/fairy
  4. cool thanks for all the info. they had me at starbucks. haha COFFEE AND I'M GOLDEN!
  5. is there a page or link that list what food places the NEC has. last time we didn't bother leaving the hotel really but think we may have to venture out and walk around a weeeeee bit for some nosh! just wondering thanks
  7. yer that was ET3. i felt bad for the few non convention hotel users. they must have felt like they had fallen into some crazy hole of squeeing fangirls/boys. haha.
  8. OMG SO EXCITED! I'm like those little kids in that disneyland advert that couldn't sleep. eeee!
  9. i kinda was thinking just to pay in cash, i mean if there was ever damage or extra charges they ahve a card on hold on the room when you book as a default so they can charge. not that i plan to damage the room or anything but i thought the whole point of them holding card details was so they had a fall back but we can pay whatever way we wish so long as it's a valid card and not monopoly money? they did seem a bit 'off' last time i was there but i put it down to them not realising that they might have to actually staff all the desks a bit more and have rooms ready on time etc. lol all worked out in the end and they all seemed ok once the rush died down....at least that was my experience anyway.
  10. have a cookie for being the 1st to say jerk! also i should say my packing is basically my outfits for the parties, PJs and then a pile of tops and tees next to my bags and 4 cans of store brand red bulls and cereal bars. day wear is so hard to pick cause you want comfort for sitting around in during the talks but also considering how you'll look in the photos (well i do anyway just to be sure i don't wear a tee that makes me look drained of any colour. haha) i always take too many clothes cause i change my mind so many times in the mornings that i need some choice to play around with!
  11. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!! My Supernatural music playlist has tripled in the last week and is on constant play on my iPod just to keep my buzz going. EEEEEE! also i've sorta started packing. No one at my house has any interest in SPN so i'm looking forward to seeing all the other fans that will get the insider jokes. i.e. when i say bitch; you say .....
  12. such and awesome cause from a real angel donated and think a collection or at least a few 'random acts' at the con would be amazing! i'm sure Misha would fully support it too!
  13. i soooo looking forward to this event! gonna start me epic SPN rewatch on Sunday and i've pratically finished making my costume/outfit for the Saturday night party! just gotta get my hair dun and squee about 50,000 times and then i'll be ready
  14. i bought my fairy wings today. i actually felt really giddy and wore them for a hour at home. just so excited! lol
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