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    We've missed some guests because our VT number was just outside the range so I understand the issue, this was the only event where I'd saw someone try to sell theirs. As I've said before, the crew were brilliant at the event
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    We've got a collection of VT's from other events which we keep as reminders of the event - I wouldn't get too tough on crew at this one
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    We're only just back in Glasgow having spent the weekend (and more) in London. We've been to over 20 events run by SM now and I refused to attend CM:MK last year due to our experience back in 2010 but thankfully things were much better for us this time. We decided to attend on the Friday and everything was very relaxed. There couldn't have been any more than a hundred or so in the queue at opening time. Guests were allowing photos at the table, hardly an queues, very relaxed atmosphere etc. We had a brilliant time and met about 10 guests we really wanted to take the pressure off of Saturday. I'd strongly advise anyone to attend on Friday at a future event if they can make it. Kudos to Jason on Friday as well for assisting us with a mis-understanding and I was really grateful to him and the crew (Kev for their assistance). I got the chance to speak to a number of crew and fans about the events and provide feedback on the event and our recent experiences of the forums. The guests were brilliant - especially Eric Avari and Lance Henriksen. Saturday (as expected) was mental and we saw another several guests. I was very surprised that some guests were out on the concourse (David Bradley and Brian Blessed) as I'd guessed they were going to be very busy whereas other guests that I saw in the tents had no-one with them (i.e. Michael Dorn) from what we could see and feedback at previous events has highlighted how "unbusy" some were. Saturday was crazily busy and at some points quite scary for my son (10) and daughter in a pushchair, particuarly when passing near the photoshoot collections. There were a number of wheelchair users also trapped in that area and I saw one woman in her wheelchair was very distressed at one point. While SM can't predict crowds the photoshoot collections should be in a separate area if possible. Just after I helped someone else in a wheelchair get through the crowd, I was asked by someone at the dealers entrance if I wanted to buy early VT numbers as he had already seen some of the guests (he had John Barrowman and Sean Astin). This fits with what others have said in that VT tickets were not being taken from attendees. There's a number of comments about the photos over the desk policy, etc. All I can say to people is - get there on Friday. We've been doing this for several years now and it's the "gabbers" who take far more time than those taking seconds taking a photo but I understand that for some people they want to chat to the guest. We rarely get photoshoots and it's not down to the cost - it's the fact that we can't wait hours to collect them - I'd be happy paying to take my own. All in all, a fairly good weekend for us but I do feel for those who weren't as fortunate. It's also worth noting that at CM:MK 2010 the following criticisms came up on the forum and from us: 1. A lack of signing inside the stadium, especially at the entrance. 2. Not enough space for photoshoot collections and no information behind the desks showing which numbers were back or where to collect them. 3. Older guests being left out in the cold (back then it was Kenny Baker) and I've read the comments about Jake La Motta. On a final positive note - all the crew we spoke to were brilliant and over the years this has really improved and made the whole experience worthwhile. Cheers Steve
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    Glasgow - Milton Keynes

    We're travelling down by car tomorrow night and attending Friday and Saturday before returning back to Glasgow on Tuesday. It's good to see other Glasgweigans making the journey to this
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    Expensive Event

    Hi We weren't at MK last year and we rarely do the talks so I didn't realise the talks were paid for at this event - I thought this was somthing new. Glad to hear the talk at other events are free. While I'm on the subject, the last time we were at MK (2 years ago) the event was in the upper tier of the stadium and the weather was terrible. Is it the same setup this year - I'm only asking because we have a seven month old baby with us now who is susceptible to a lot of colds (I know CM can't do anything about the weather lol) thanks
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    Guest Cancellation - Richard Briers

    aww - that's a real shame. Any chance of trying to get him for Glasgow?
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    Expensive Event

    Thank you for clarifying this Stuart
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    Expensive Event

    Hi We are really looking forward to this event and will already be spending hundreds to come down for Glasgow to attend. There's a lot of great guests and the lineup is amazing. We've been doing this for years now and rarely attend any of the talks as it's not our thing (we did sit in on the Corey Feldman talk at LFACC which was great). I feel really sorry for anyone who loves attending the talks as it looks like the days of the free talks for the average punter are over unless I'm reading it wrong. At previous events there would be a few paid tickets for the bigger guests but most were free. Now, there's a price on all talks which is a shame. I would have happily listened to Richard Kiel given the chance and I could be wrong, but how many people are going to pay £10 for that talk when there's been other free talks in the past with more "current" guests. It doesn't affect us much, but I do feel sorry for fellow attendees who like this kind of thing. Steve PS: If any of the mods wish to reply, can it be either Qs, TT, Rhianydd or 1of2.
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    People in/near Glasgow

    It's great to see this kind of thing going on in here. We're on FB as well: http://www.facebook.com/#!/stephenjallan
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    Who else is going this year?

    We'll definitely be there as always. We've been to every CM Glasgow event since it started. It's got a very different feel to it (in a nice way) than other SM events, particularly where the talks take place. Steve
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    Latest Guest Announcement - SEAN ASTIN

    Amazing guest
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    Travel Discussion

    We've attended over 20 events down south, sometimes just for a few guests and enjoy the events. More people should try and come to Glasgow if they like the guests that are announced - especially the exclusives or anyone they've missed.
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    Latest Guest Announcement - SARAH DOUGLAS

    absolutely brilliant announcement
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    Star Wars guests?

    It would be great to get Garrick Hagon back as we hoped to see him on the Sunday and there was a mix up with the days he was attending. We'd also love to meet Michael Carter who was due to attend an event but cancelled - he would be awsome as well!