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  1. Understood, Bruce. Thanks for the hyperspace-space-fast response :-) See you Saturday.
  2. As you can imagine, this is exciting for many of us. I'm travelling all the way from Belgium and hope to meet this legend as well. Is there a limit to the amount of autographs? I would like two or three maybe. And do you know the cost? Thanks!
  3. Great, one of the few I have not yet met in person!
  4. Eurostar from Belgium : £70 Autographs : £150 (for personal use, I'm bringing a total of 112 autographs for friends and collectors as well) But hey, this is not only good fun, I also get to meet some of my idols in a relaxed way (as opposed to trying to score them at the exit of a cineplex or theater) and catch up with some good friends. Worth every penny, if you ask me.
  5. A bit of a surprise to see the item from my personal collection reproduced here...
  6. While you can still visit www.empireday.co.uk, I have it from a source close to Jason that the show has indeed been cancelled (or at least postponed until 2009).
  7. Just finished the Alien Quadrology and the Indy trilogy. I'm all set :-)
  8. SM, is it possible to post the days on which the guest stars will attend, please? Thank you.
  9. Jason, sorry, I didn't mean to get you or Greg or anyone else in trouble. It's just that I travel from overseas for this kind of thing, usually bringing a lot of stuff from friends all over the world (e.g. I just received a FedEx-ed TCM poster for Tobe Hooper that I'll now have to send back unsigned), so I feel the need to know about cancellations as soon as possible. The person I spoke to about Greg is in fact the same agent you are reffering to (as I worked with him over the weekend) and he told me he would be unable to bring Greg to the show. According to my information, the agent is currently in the office, so give him a call. No offence was meant. Next time, I'll run my info by you first. Apologies, SM fans.
  10. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make anyone worry. But I would not have said this if it was just a rumour spread by someone who is not close to Greg. It was someone very close, in fact. And the person told me he had already informed showmasters, so I'm not sure why it has not yet been announced. I hope this is all one big mistake for I too hope it's not correct information and Greg will appear. Don't hold your breath, though.
  11. Showmasters, I've heard that Greg will no longer be attending due to work. Any truth to that rumour?
  12. Last time I stayed in London, I was able to simply leave my bags at the hotel where I stayed and pick it up after the show.
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