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  1. Wow this is all very daunting, i'm definately going to take into account all the options :) I would love to go to Kings Cross Station, just so i can stand between platforms 9 and 10 - LAME LOL Anyways thanks everyone for your help, my journey will be a lot better now :)
  2. thanks for you help everyone. Another quick question, i'm getting the train to London Euston, how far is Earls Court from there and also what train/tube lines do i need to get from Euston to Earls Court, our hotel is on Nevern Place :) so hopefully quite near to the convention. I'm going on the Fri - hopefully it won't be too chaotic, 'coz i know Sat and Sun will, what with the tube being maintenanced or whatever. Thanks guys/gals xx
  3. Ahh yea all that info. helped - thanks guys :)
  4. i still don't know what Quadrophenia is even though i know half the people who have stared in it :S
  5. lol I know! I'll see what I'm doing when I am there... but it's really stressful to think about! Yea it's very stressful indeed. Me and my friend have booked the convention tickets and hotel tickets - but we still don't know how we are getting there LOL train is probably cheapest option, but when we get on the Tube i don't think people are going to appreciate our huge bags, but i'm guessing people are used to it - i don't know 'coz i've never been on the tube before - eeek. I will be soooo happy when the Collectormania comes to Manchester in November - then i won't have to book any hotels and train will be dirt cheap
  6. I do understand your feeling... Ahh it's crap when you don't live anywhere near London and you need somewhere 2 put ur bags Maybe one of the celebs would look after them
  7. Ahh no, we might leave ours in the lobby of the hotel, altho they'll probably get robbed
  8. Hey guys, Just a quick question, me and my friend are staying over at a hotel nearby and we've booked a room til Sunday, we have to be out of room by 2pm but obviously we'll be at the convention well before then. I was just wondering if there was anywhere to put our suitcase - or is it too risky as they might get robbed xx in the convention i mean, will there be anywhere to store them?
  9. AHHHHH NOOOO But i love Kyle Reese NOOOOO Ahhh well, there are plenty more guests on the lineup. Still shame they both can't make it
  10. So far it's around £100 for 3nights in hotel, about £50 for train, £10 to get into convention on Sat, £10 for Sun. Autographs maybe around £50-£100. So i'm probably gonna spend £270? could be more, could be less. Can't believe some of you guys are paying like over £400 for the whole thing
  11. i think we might be going down on the Fri now, think we might be staying over in a hotel. but if not then this is the train we will get. both me and my friend have cars but parking is apparently expensive - so i wont be doing that.
  12. If that's the train you're getting you have 2 choices: 1 - Get off at Watford, and wait for the 08:11 train, run by Southern trains, which will get you to West Brompton mailine station; or 2 - Stay on the train to Euston and then either walk* from Euston to King's Cross, or catch the Victoria line (light blue) 1 stop "north"bound to KX. There change to the Picadilly line (dark blue) westbound (if not marked as westbound it'll be marked as southbound, but I'm pretty sure it will say w/b) and that will deposit you at Earl's Court. This way may get you there 5 or 10 minutes earlier, but it does throw in the complication of the Underground. (From a quick glance at thetrainline.com I don't think there will be any great price difference. Directions from both West Brompton and Earls Court stations are in the FAQ I believe, but it's difficult to miss; any doubts, ask the station staff at WB or EC. * Euston and King's Cross St Pancras are about 600m apart along the main road; put "Euston Station, Camden, London NW1, United Kingdom" into maps.google.co.uk and you'll see both Euston and Kings X on the resulting map. Flippin' eck, it's so confusing! How far is West Brompton from Earls Court?
  13. September 1st, it's the Manchester Pic train calling in at all these places and arrives at London Euston at 8:09am. 05:10 Manchester Piccadilly (MAN) 05:19 Stockport (Pick Up Only) 05:27 Wilmslow 05:48 Crewe 06:14 Stafford 06:28 Lichfield Trent Valley 06:35 Tamworth 06:46 Nuneaton 07:01 Rugby 07:50 Watford Junction (Set Down Only) Arrive: 08:09 London Euston (EUS) I'm about 70% sure this is the train we will get, but I'm coming from Wilmslow with my friends, and we could do with someone who has been to the LFCC before and could help us with gettin to the convention. I hope someone can help :S x
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