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  1. From seeing other threads on this forum and speaking to other DP holders at the show I think it's safe to say though that there was a lot of conflicting information between different crew members as to how DP's were used with some crew telling people to join the end of queues and others moving DP holders to the front. You have already said this is being added to a list of points to raise following the show so hopefully there will be better clarification of this for next year.
  2. I had a Gold Pass as well and I am fully aware that that it only allows me to join the end of any non Diamond Guest queue without a VQ. I went back to Natalie's queue on Sunday morning and was told by the crewmember that the Diamond is a priority pass and that if I turned up with a Diamond Pass and there were people in the queue with VQ's he would put me at the front. As I was talking to him, Natalie Turned up so he just let me go straight in. My only other Diamond Pass that I needed to use yesterday was for Kevin Smith and I, and other DP holders, were all moved to the front of the queue ahead of the VQ ticket holders by the pit boss operating in that area so it does appear that DP should give you priority access to the queue but not all crew seem to be aware of that
  3. It is definitely the Diamond for Natalie. I used Diamond Passes for previous events and have situations where I have been placed further up the queue when the queue has gone to VQ. I couldn't see anybody in the queue displaying a DP. I always thought that the DP gave priority in all queue for the guest it related to. If I am mistaken on that front then that is fine.
  4. I went to Natalie Dormer's autograph queue at about 5.15 with my Diamond Pass and was told to join the back of the long queue which was just made up of VQ ticket holders. When I bought up the subject of the priority access that should be granted by my pass the crew member told me that Diamond priority does not apply to Natalie. Is this correct as the FAQ's state that Diamonds get priority queuing or was it an error made by the crew member.
  5. That's not quite true. I said that I did not know what talk I wanted to attend so I was given a voucher that I can exchange over the weekend for any Diamond talk tickets. I expect that this will still be limited by availability.
  6. I think we need a bit more clarification on this as the Diamond Pass description states that the photo shoot is with the tombstone but his normal shoot in Photo Area D on Saturday states that it will be Diamonds and then Golds and he is doing a separate shoot in the Green Screen area at 3.05 with the Tombstone. I have the Diamond pass and selected Friday as my photo day which on the schedule is at 11.00 and does not list Diamonds and Golds as I assume it is expected to be quieter but he has a separate photo session featuring the Tombstone at 12.10. Do the Diamond Pass holders have to go to the Green Screen area or will they have the tombstone in the normal photo area
  7. You should be fine. The Diamond passes are called in number order and if yours is for a guest who is there all weekend then they will start from number 1 on the guests first day. You can join the queue anytime after your number has been called. The Diamond pass is a guaranteed autograph so you should get the autograph by the end of the day. Just be aware that if it is a pass with a talk included the talk will only happen on the day specified in the description
  8. Still need to sort out some travel arrangements so was just wondering when the photoshoot schedule will get posted.
  9. I have booked at a B&B on the Shepherd's Bush Road. There are a few options on that road and it's fairly close to Olympia. Prices for them tend to be about £50-£60 per night and if you have to use public transport it's a two bus journey of about 10 mins on each bus.
  10. Covered by the local paper on their website. Be warned - this story contains lots of cheesy puns. http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/star-trek-convention-sees-world-11998257
  11. Will the autograph sessions work like other Showmasters events where all guests will be signing when not on breaks or involved in other activities like photos and talks and will this be the case for all three days?
  12. If you are referring to the free photos that you get with the Gold Pass you are not getting them anymore. That's what this thread refers to. Showmasters have decided to give everybody with a Gold Pass 2 free diamond pass talk vouchers instead. If you are referring to photos you have booked then you print your ticket and hand it in at the photo area when you go in.
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