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  1. I attended on Friday after four years of not going to LFCC. As well as my physical ailments, my anxiety was sky high. I just want to thank the attendees that I personally came across. They were polite, no barging, people were saying please, thank you, sorry and excuse me. Fans having conversations even though we were all strangers, people were smiling and they had absolutely no gripes about my extra help wristband and what that entailed. So THANK YOU to those that attended on Friday. You all made it a worth while experience once again.
  2. To be in the disabled queue you have to provide clear medical evidence which is checked and then you are given the relevant bands. Carers may have legged it to help get the person they were with an early VQ as some extra help attendees were not being treated by crew as they should have been. I myself was on Friday (despite some crew not knowing what to do with me) but another extra help attendee behind me was not. She spent the entire day waiting hours on her feet when she shouldn't have been and crew were putting her at the back of queues and she was not put in the disabled queue on entry. This was not the first story I heard about the extra help attendees. So if their carers did leg it upstairs whilst the person they were with waited, I don't blame them.
  3. Attended the Dean Cain photoshoot on Friday and had four tickets which means four photos. It clearly states that if you have a joint shoot with a friend that you get two photos taken. My other two were a single for each of us. Now, we almost didn't get that second joint photo if it were not for a thorough crew member. We showed our tickets, explained that it was a joint pic and two singles and I just wanted to double check it was two photos for the joint pic. The blonde lady in the area said "no, it's one joint photo". I questioned this but we got rushed to get to Dean. Consequently, the photographer only took one. In my sisters excitement, we exited after collecting our pics. Right away I told her what just happened was wrong. I got the FAQ up right away to show her the info. So we walked back in through the exit as a crew member was just there. She saw the four tickets and we showed her our pics. I even showed her the website with the joint shoot info. She said right away "if it's four tickets, it's four photos" and she very kindly put us back in the queue and we waited less than a minute to get our second joint photo. Thankfully we got that second photo together with Dean. It just left us thinking how many others this may have happened to but didn't notice anything was wrong, possibly fans that haven't attended before.
  4. In a couple of weeks my email account will be closing and it's attached to the showmasters forum. I created a new email account so I could change the email preferences on here. Each time I do it, it says "that email address is already in use". It isn't in use because I only just created it! Any help?!
  5. Okay,EPIC guest! Now you have to do a Superman reunion as said above! And as it's 75 years, why not get other Superman stars??? Dean Cain, Teri Hatcher, Tom Welling.... you know they would bring in the fans showmasters! ;-)
  6. Have to echo points others have made about it becoming a production line. I could see it happening but really don't want Showmasters events to get like this. Its the main reason I stopped attending another event I won't mention (but we all know which one). Absolutely don't wish to stop coming to Showmasters events but that's my fear as a fan. These events are at the end of the day about the fans
  7. Not a fan of GOT or Walking Dead so I'm not too keen on seeing even more of them being added but respect it has a large fanbase. For me, why not BUffy this year? 2013 marks 10 years since the show ended, that's something to celebrate please! Another massive anniversary this year... 20 years since Lois and Clark the new adventures of Superman began. Bring Dean back with some of the other cast (Teri, Justin, ect) for a reunion photo shoot and talk. Roswell... another reunion photo shoot and talk. Charmed actors again. I know focus will be on GOT and walking dead but not everyone is a fan. Please consider the above shows. We know there's still a huge and seperate fanbase.
  8. Not a fan of Walking Dead or GOT (sorry!), so more Buffy, Charmed, Roswell, Dark Angel, Superman for me
  9. Comparing this event to last years event, it seemed there were so much more security guys. Or was it just me!?
  10. Much prefer Olympia's lighting and the balcony. The positive for Earls Court are obviously the fast food restaurants being closer to the venue, but hey... I'll get a bit of exercise!
  11. I think the photo issue was my only gripe this year. I make sure that if I want a couple of photos of the guests (after all, it's a lasting memory), then I stand as far back as possible, away from the queue's and have the flash off. When you've got a good zoom, you don't need to be that close and I personally don't like getting in people's faces. On Saturday I was just about to take a photo of Danny Glover and bear in mind I was no where near his queue or any queue and his security shouted "no photos"! I witnessed this throughout the day and on Sunday with other attendees. Surely they should expect people to take photos? If you're not using flash, are well away from the guest then it shouldn't be a massive issue. Was so sad to see so many guests doing the same thing. Nothing to do with showmasters of course, but this was my only issue the entire weekend.
  12. I can't make it as early as I normally would so I'll be there around 9/9.30. That's ok isn't it? I have the early bird ticket
  13. Wil there be free wifi again this year?
  14. Cant see if this has been asked (apologies if it has), as it says for the talks on the Saturday; Game of Thrones, Amanda Tapping/Michael Shanks... is that an indication of which talks are happening first? So as GOT is listed 1st and Amanda/Michael 2nd, does that mean the GOT talk will be first on Saturday followed by the Stargate talk? I hope I've explained that right
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