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    Finally sorted my outfit for this out! I've been SO disorganised and ended up ordering my corset this last Tuesday but luckily it arrived on Friday I'm going fairly simple - just got a plain black corset with a big floor-length skirt, and then my mask is black and silver with a feather. I'm so tempted to buy a volturi crest necklace to get the 'volturi' theme in there somewhere, but it'd have to come from America and I don't think I have enough time now :/ Is anyone else wearing one? Hopefully they might sell them in the dealer's room...
  2. thehazelnut


    I know I'll be wearing a cullen baseball top for sure, with 'ALICE' on the back (ah, the fun of actually sharing a name with a Twilight character) Not sure about the rest though - need to drag out some of the ol' baseball caps to see if I actually suit any of them any more! I love everyone's ideas of using the style of the characters - I'll spend the whole evening going "ooh, a Rosalie just wandered past me!"
  3. thehazelnut


    Wow, these sound awesome! Baseball and masquerade were my two parties of choice, so this is amazing! Not going to be there for the Sunday one, but 1920's New York definitely seems like it'll end up producing loads of great outfits, so hope all you guys staying for the Sunday evening enjoy that one! Ahh, this was exactly what I needed after a bucketload of exams this week
  4. thehazelnut


    Having read your post, I went off to watch this (have been waiting for it to air for a while now) and I agree with you - Jackson was indeed amazing. It's a shame he didn't really have much to work with in Twilight, he's a really talented actor... And Jackson in drag is something I won't easily forget He most definitely needs to come to this event
  5. thehazelnut

    Please Get Aidan Turner to appear

    This needs to happen! It's my sister's 18th over the weekend, and she is a major fan of Being Human (well - Aiden Turner). Buying her a ticket/Being Human autographs/photoshoot etc. would be an awesome present for her Not that one person is going to affect any decisions on this, but just thought I'd offer my support for this idea
  6. Aah, the mention of 'safe' in this thread title brings back bad memories We'd all checked out of our Park Inn room, just about to set off in the car... and my friend and I suddenly realised we'd left our signed photos/photoshoots/booklets etc. in the safe in our hotel room! Haha, not good, but at least we remembered! Needless to say we hurried in frantically to retrieve everything... poor people at the front desk wondered why we were looking so panicked! Anyways, back on topic - my photos are currently stuck on my wall, surrounding my mirror... with Peter and Kellan's photos about eye level, naturally
  7. thehazelnut

    Sold Out?

    Wahey!! I'm just too awesome YAY that we sold out!
  8. thehazelnut

    Peter vs Taylor

    I'm with most people on the 'both' front But - after putting a lot of thought into it - I think I'd rather have Taylor for ET2... I would've chosen Taylor for ET1 too if the choice had been given, but I'm actually really glad I got to meet Peter
  9. thehazelnut

    Eternal Twilight 2

    Woah, it went down like 14 in 1 and a half hours These tickets are selling crazy fast!
  10. thehazelnut

    Official Introduction Thread!

    Wahey, I've got hold of some pics from ET at last, so now I can finally let myself post here (been waiting for a recent, decent pic to come along). I'm coming to ET2 so should be hovering around these forums. Name: Alice Age: 14 Music: Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cruxshadows, Placebo, ZZ Top, Garbage, The Cure, Muse (well, I like Supermassive Black Hole and that's pretty much it >.<) TV: LOST! Urm, and Being Human, Heroes, Skins, Desperate Housewives... Films: Twilight! Benny & Joon, Chocolat, POTC 1/2/3, Ed Wood... just most things with Johnny Depp in basically! Plan 9 From Outer Space, Glen or Glenda, Amelie, Dirty Dancing, Desperately Seeking Susan. Books: Hmm... maybe Twilight? Maybe, possibly... And then many, many other fantasy series, namely Trudi Canavan's Black Magician Trilogy and her Age of the Five Trilogy. Other than that - Sophie's World and K-PAX. Likes: Maths (yes, you did read that right), philosophical discussions about completely irrelevant things, that strange feeling of being sociable you get when you watch TV with someone even though you're not talking, vegetarian food, sarcasm, my laptop. Dislikes: Ridiculously immature people, homophobes, that 'in between' rain where it's raining but it's not really tipping it down, the fact that America gets so much more stuff than the UK related to my interests (Lost 4 days earlier for a start ¬_¬)... but I must say, ET is working well on evening out that imbalance! Fave Twilight Book: New Moon (I'm Team Switzerland, so it's between Eclipse or New Moon for me... but New Moon I reckon) Fave Twilight Character(s): Hm... Alice and Jasper... But I do like Jacob too... And a pic of me in my prom outfit! ^^
  11. thehazelnut

    Party Themes

    Anyone know when the next party ideas are likely to announced? (don't mean to nag, I'm merely curious) Seriously can't WAIT for this one My friend's looking forward to it too, she didn't get to go to ET1 so she's just glad she has a chance to dress prom-like
  12. thehazelnut

    dream guestlist for et2?

    Right, well, I was such a geek that I went through and did a bit of counting XD... 80% of people have Jackson on their list 70% of people have Peter (70% have Nikki too, although I rounded up from 68% her and down from 72% for Peter... like I say below though, the way I counted was pretty loose) and 60% have Kellan Taylor's somewhere in the high 50s, there were several I didn't know whether to count for him - all rough estimates, although I tried to only include those that had given 5 strict answers Then again, these don't factor in how high up people put the names, etc. Bah, what can I say, I like numbers.
  13. thehazelnut

    Sold Out?

    I'm going to guess 19th March - and be very far off, but hey!
  14. thehazelnut


    Gah, the tempation to go the 'spending-loads buy an amazing dress' route... but I'm just going to go with the cheap option here - reuse my prom dress, and then add a mask and black cape ^^ Anyone else thinking of wearing a cape? I can't resist it, just because I'd love to swoop round with it!
  15. thehazelnut

    who do you want the most at et2

    Yeah, I was nervous enough trying to talk to Peter and Kellan, I think trying to talk with Rob would kill me - especially as he doesn't seem as relaxed around fans as some of the others.