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  1. Aakerman

    NEW Moon midnight showing

    I'm going to the pre-release showing of New Moon in Denmark, in Roskilde. Watching it at around 18.15 on the 19th of November (danish time) :) (Just got tickets today, bit excited)
  2. Aakerman

    Anyone catch "Tysonitis"?

    I don't think the aircondition helped. The hotel was either really really cold or very warm and felt as if the air was thick.
  3. Aakerman

    It's today!

    Thanks :) You too if you are flying!
  4. Aakerman

    It's today!

    Off to the airport in 30 min. Puh it is early.
  5. Aakerman


    Well, I am travelling from Denmark, so I am stocking up on a lot of stuff. Passport Airplane tickets Book Money Phone charger Adapter for the power outlet (from Danish to British) Reg. letter Hotel payment letter Toilet bag with: Make-up, deodorant, perfume, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, hairbrush, lotion etc. Jewellery Friday costume: White short pants, black socks, cap, long sleeved white t-shirt, gray t-shirt, worn out all-stars Saturday costume: Dress, high heels, cloak, mask Sunday costume: Flapper dress/top, boa A couple of Twilight t-shirts that didn't arrive in time for ET1 Normal clothes (Jeans, underwear etc.) Camera Painkillers, plaster etc. Most things you can probably emergency buy if you forget, but I'd be sure to bring a camera :)
  6. Aakerman

    Dazzling Misfits

    Thanks :)
  7. Aakerman

    Eternal Twilight 2 Schedule of Events

    Maybe it's more like 3
  8. Aakerman

    Eternal Twilight 2 Schedule of Events

    5 metres ? It really is not very far. There is a big room/hall with doors to the other rooms, two being for photo, one for the dealers room and the huge one is signing/Q&A/welcome/goodbye/main party etc.
  9. Aakerman

    I'm so sad and also angry

    I got a bit of a cold too, it was the worst yesterday. So getting better. Should be fine by Friday I think. I mostly worry about flying with snot in my brain
  10. Aakerman


    Technically I'm taking my flight from Denmark Live near Copenhagen so will take the train to the airport there but thanks When are you flying and to where? Since I am Danish, I will be at the airport. I'm flying Friday at 8:45 to Birmingham.
  11. Aakerman

    Dazzling Misfits

    Here is how I look with the "new" hair
  12. Aakerman

    Dazzling Misfits

    It does. I feel on top of the world in general right now. For the first time in years I am not stressed at all. I love my work, I love relaxing and taking it slow. Planning the years to come and what I want to study. I feel like a new person and the hair is just a part of it :)
  13. Aakerman

    Dazzling Misfits

    Just wanted to mention here that I got my hair cut last Saturday. So don't look for a ponytail. The longest bit is to my chin and then it is sort of cut up a bit in the back. I'll see if I can't get around to post a photo. Had a ponytail for 20 years, so it is a HUGE change =P
  14. Aakerman

    What does everyone look like?

    I remember you too! :) We must be in the same ticket group.