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  1. Has it been mentioned if these will be limited, like 1per person at all?
  2. If there are some available on the day I can see queues forming as soon as this is made known...
  3. I believe you'll get a pre-signed autograph, but not an in person one from Ben.
  4. Whatever they say, until you get to Gold you really have no idea of what you're getting. Silver sounds like it's going to be potluck.
  5. Can someone please explain the 'pre-assigned photos' please. Will everyone get the same ones, just some guests are going to be more than others to buy extra so just seems a bit odd/unfair if everyone gets different pre-assigned ones. Also why on earth isn't there a silver package for autos rather than photos, which personally I'd prefer and I'm sure others would as well. Half the time you hardly get time time to say hi or even have to time to realise the photo is being taken. It all seems a bit luck of the draw. And those more expensive packages are not affordable to most, especially fact
  6. Tbh I'd even go as far as saying that it might not even be until the begnning of next year. With Summer I'd presume be out of it, regarding when it will be held, my main concern now is that tickets will go on sale while I'm volunteering in Tanzania for 10weeks with not electricity let alone internet access!
  7. Cannot wait! Any idea when we'll be getting a date, really hope it's after the summer.
  8. I'm thinking the same thing, if it is the case I wouldn't be surprised if it was an official convention.
  9. Well this is fun I do hope the BBC are more punctual than this on Sunday, otherwise I fear there safety.
  10. I'm not sure about who actually attends this event (ages etc) in comparasion to other events, since I'm guessing it's smaller so not so sure about the mix of interests. But have you considered Waterloo Road Cast members, considering they're actually filming in Greenock/living in Glasgow and will be I'm guessing at this time based on past filming schedules?
  11. No, but we got sent a load today with absolutely no details about it from the paper or anything, so I'm guessing it was sent early since it's usually delivered with the paper on the day it's needed, however my manager only gave me one because she knows I'm a fan. I'd be very surprised if the shops run out unless the delivery of the stuff from the paper itself was very small, because unless its lego the majority of people don't bother. I hate free lego, we have people queuing up a good twenty minutes or so before the shop opens!
  12. I live in England and I got one from work today, <3 my manager. I'm presuming they are for tomorrow though since none of the papers seemed to mention the offer, so I'm guessing it's the same.
  13. Haha thanks very much!! It was a fun...if slightly surreal video to make but thanks for watching it! Hope to meet you in october Lets face it, your videos are...EPIC! ;D I've seen you at ET4&5 and I was too shy to say hey but I'll have more confidence at ET6 because I know so many more people so I'll say hey! I'm not going this year, but I've spoken to Emma a few times at the events. She's really lovely and not at all scary or anything.
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