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  1. Shaun was not busy at all so surprised he would not do a photo? Perhaps its because Showmasters want to cash in on photoshoots. Danny was as ever a propper gent,met him a couple of weeks back at an event and happy to chat and sign.
  2. The Asda/Walmart has a very good restaurant and very reasonable. Five minutes walk from the stadium and your there.
  3. Spoke to Tamer Hassan at a function yesterday (20th). He would be more than happy to do Collectormania and said he's done signing events before. He wasn't aware that Danny was doing one and was going to speak to him about it. Over to you Jason!!
  4. glenn


    Its always great to have a bit of variety at these events. Showmasters always try to mix it up a bit for everyone's taste.
  5. Just waiting for the Tamer Hassan announcement now
  6. Met Stacy Keibler and the late "Test" at an MK Collectormania. She was a popular guest.
  7. glenn


    Thanks David,will await any updates.
  8. glenn


    ive wrote asking the question.
  9. glenn


    Can you confirm we will have a touch of glamour at MK? Are Monica Harris,Holly McGuire and Kyla Cole appearing?
  10. They could of made better use of the infomation stand and display a large white board with cancelled guests.
  11. Got a 4 year old here who's not very happy!!! Will now spend his money on meeting Kenny Baker.
  12. He has done a similar event before in Birmingham a few years back. He was 20 quid back then and unfortunately rushed his signature a little. However he was friendly,posed for pics and shook hands. Photo wise he did have some great photos of England 90 and 96,several Spurs and a couple of Newcastle. He also had some Rangers and Everton photos as well. Usually has a few people with him,his Dad was with him when i met him.
  13. I think if your going to pay your respects it doesn't matter who the person was, it's a nice gesture. I've actually heard there are people who collect photos of grave stones, decorative ones, usual ones etc but they're always respectful and even tidy up ones which are neglected. So as long as everything is done with respect I don't see the harm in visiting or taking photos of what is for all intents and purpose a strangers grave. You will be amazed how many people visit graves of famous people. I have visited the grave of Bill Owen aka Compo from Last of the summer wine. Its in a lovely little church yard in Holmfirth,south yorkshire. While there at least 3 other people were there as well.
  14. glenn

    MSPG Autographs

    I really appreciate your feedback,many thanks.
  15. Having been so prominent at many Showmasters fairs over the years,why have they ceased trading? I suspect many have purchased from him over the years and this included myself. RD220 is no longer registered with the UACC as a dealer, i'm slightly out of the loop??? Any feedback helpful,I'm now curious about some of my past purchases.
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