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  1. Thank you for the email Yvie Thank you OS I shall worry no more
  2. Note from QS: Sorry, I realize you took out the address and personal details. Still it had the order number and everything. Not a good idea to post that online when you possibly lack your ticket, so I removed it.
  3. No smart phone, total technophobe. I have no idea if my town even has an internet cafe. I don't recall seeing one.
  4. I have not received my registration letter. I have had an emails confirming my payment and order number. I DO NOT have a printer so I cannot print off proof that I have paid. What do I do if I still haven't received my letter by the weekend?
  5. Vera

    Group L

    ME ME ME !!! I'm an L
  6. Vera

    With less than 24 hours to go ..

    How do I know what group I am in?
  7. Vera

    Guest Suggestion - Peter Murphy

    Am I the only one wondering who or what Catman is?
  8. I paid £150 for a framed A3 pic and signature of RP at ET4. I've got several signatures but I've not paid much for them, less than £20 but then none are proof positive that they are genuine unlike yours. As a collector I would bid on yours as you have absolute proof.
  9. If you don't know who he is then google Bauhaus, as in the 80's band. I wouldn't mind meeting him. I've even got several albums he could sign..... - for the younger generation albums are what we had in the 80's before CD's came along LOL
  10. Vera

    South/South West Fans

    OMG :) i live near droxford (near Wickham) :) (((Waves))) I keep my horses near Wickham!!
  11. Vera

    South/South West Fans

    I'm near Fareham
  12. Vera

    ET5 Introduction Thread

    Forum Name: Vera. Real Name: Vera. Age/Location: 44, Hampshire. Have you attended any other ET events? ET3 and ET4 Favourite Twi-guest? Christopher Heyerdahl, Gil Birmingham and Chaske Spencer - I can't choose! Favourite other movies? Star Trek, Dirty Dancing, Bucket List, Shawshank Redemption, The War Bride, A Knights Tale, Kinky Boots, Ice Age 1, 2 & 3, The Color Purple and rom coms. Favourite other books? Pillars of the Earth, anything by Tess Gerritsen and Charlaine Harris. Favourite TV shows? Top Gear, Big Brother, I'm a Celeb, Larkrise to Candleford, True Blood, Pillars of the Earth, Animal Cops. Favourite Actors/Actresses? Rob of course!!! Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks and Anna Friel. Other interests: Horses! I have 5 of them, compete at international level and judge at county level. Something interesting about yourself: I am bilingual as I was born in Germany. Most likely to be found on? Facebook and horsey forums. What are you most looking forward to at ET5? Meeting Daniel and Alex.
  13. Vera

    rude people

    Are you the lady with ME who was sat on her own? If it is you my OH sat next to you and I next to him - I was also on crutches. that wasn't me but I think on saturday you may have been a few row in front of me as I was quite high silver ticket Couldn't have been me then as I was sat in the 2nd row of the standard tickets, in the row for the P Group tickets.
  14. Vera

    rude people

    Are you the lady with ME who was sat on her own? If it is you my OH sat next to you and I next to him - I was also on crutches. Gemma85, from a personal point of view you are spot on I simply can't stand around chatting to people so I don't really get a chance to mingle and meet new people. Had a lovely chat with two gold pass ladies at lunch and that was it chatting with attendee's. Also had a lovely chat with Shabs outside of Leah's photo shoot, simply because he sat down next to me. other than that I didn't get the chance to meet new people. So you are so right when you say 'rather be standing outside with the masses' because that is when singleton's (my OH only goes to look after me - he isn't in the slightest bit interested) like me get to meet like minded people! Just remembered - I also chatted with a lady and her son while we both waited to get in the disabled loo!
  15. Vera

    Passes Idea....

    I go to a lot of large international horse shows and I am trying to find out where one particular one gets their passes as I think they would be perfect for ET use. I didn't have a problem with my pass at all but when we were at lunch one of the ladies sitting at the same table managed to dip hers in her lunch. My husband was able to slide the metal clip up and down so could easily take his off. I could not do this with mine. If I can find out where the passes I have in mind come from I will let the organisers know. They are a sort of soft but tough plastic, totally water proof so you can shower etc, they are already coloured gold, silver and can be printed on as well. Once on they have to be cut off with scissors. There is no dangly bit either and no metal clips which have to be clamped on so will will save the ladies at registration loads of time.