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    A Big thank you

    the guests cancelling is just one of those things to be honest. i had a great time and will be back for next years btl in july. the crew were great too, and the weekend was just about having a laugh and some fun-which i did! a big thanks to everyone who played a part
  2. ghost angel

    What did everyone think?

    i really enjoyed the con. the guests were great fun and friendly. i must admit that sunday morning felt a little flat around the hotel when it was announced that craig had cancelled- but these things happen. i also need to tip my hat to danny who took to the stage in the afternoon for a mammoth 2 hours- i have not seen a guest ever stay on for that long in any convention before and his finale was awesome. a big thank you to the crew who were good fun and helpful through out the weekend too. i will definitely be booking up for btl2 next july
  3. ghost angel

    Ecliptians, Old and New :)

    was at e1 and e2...looks like i should sign up
  4. ghost angel

    just got this from one of the guests

    Thats a great response from a great guest. i would definitely love to meet him again im sure there wouldnt be any complaints if he returned for e3
  5. ghost angel

    what A list guests do you want to see ?

    jennifer love hewitt
  6. ghost angel

    Saturday's Auction...

    The dinner went for around £120 i think, i cant remember the exact amount but it was around that much. They also sold a signed George Takei heroes sword for £130, the New York explosion floor graphic for the timeline room from E1 for over £100 and a signed canvas print signed by all E1 and E2 guests. They also had signed photos, magazines, a tshirt and old collectamania boards featuring heroes guests. Sorry my memory seems to be failing me this morning...i cant remember what else they had!
  7. ghost angel

    who do you want to meet at Eclipse 2 ?

    Although he is not on the list i think Tim Sale would be a great guest to meet at E2. What does everyone else think??
  8. ghost angel

    Kenny baker

    I met him too. It was great to see him back and looking better. He had quite a queue too when i saw him.
  9. ghost angel

    Casey Coller- Amazing guest !

    I totally agree. He took time out to chat to me and his sketches were really fantastic (he drew me a double character sketch) would love to see him at another event
  10. ghost angel

    The Heroes/David Anders Talk

    David Anders was clearly jet lagged and totally exhausted when he took to the stage and he was still very funny and totally entertaining. Top man.