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  1. Things You Miss From Your Childhood

    ummm clarrissa expalins it all,LAMBCHOP!!!!!!!!!!,live and kicking,ghostbusters (the cartoon series),he man,omg so much....i've forgotten half of it lol...damn memory! mork m xxx
  2. Collectormania 8 is nearly upon us!

    i'm slightly excitable cause i'm seeing my fabulous friends again woot (miss ya!) mork m xxx
  3. well last minute count

    i shall be at the ball....i mean party.....and no not as cinders...prolly as prince not charming tho *winks* see everyone there have fun and take care mork m xxxx
  4. Where is everyone?

    fair enough
  5. Where is everyone?

    ...yeah your right
  6. Where is everyone?

    Then drink it and be merry Shall we go round his house then, when you stop rubbing your spam where I shot you? *shocked* umm..no.....and that does hurt, shooting it there lol
  7. Where is everyone?

    Then drink it and be merry i will lol
  8. Where is everyone?

    hehehe..i have a bottle of malibu
  9. Where is everyone?

    lol...oooo can i join!
  10. Collectormania Venue Change

    i totally agree also!
  11. Collectormania Venue Change

    keep it in milton keynes!,so wot if it is smaller and compact..i'm liking it and enjoying the experience
  12. Where is everyone?

    hmmmm.....gah! too quiet for my liking!...
  13. I love...

    i love the word inverted *giggles*
  14. Toast

    hmm...i chose marmite..mmmm..takes me back to when is was ickle and i used to have it at my nan's house
  15. What are you listening to?

    love will tear us apart in my pants