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  1. mooby81

    Guest suggestions

    How about some Lost Girl guests - Anna Silk, Zoie Palmer, Ksenia Solo - or am I the only one who watches this tiny Canadian show...?
  2. mooby81

    Guest Announcement - Keeley Hawes

    Showmasters...you have made my day
  3. I love Dominic ...another one to add to my Enterprise collection
  4. mooby81

    Abrams Inc Refunds

    Thanks for the fast work Jola!
  5. mooby81

    Showmasters: What is going on?

    Yeah that's what I mean, if the price was dropped/partial refunds given. I was so excited about Michael being announced that's why I bought my ticket so I'd definitely still go but not for the £125 I paid and not for the whole weekend, probably could only get away with making it a day rather than a weekend. But surely there must be some British based (cheaper ;-)) stars that could be got...I'm still holding out hope for a new guest announcement!
  6. mooby81

    Showmasters: What is going on?

    If it still went ahead with Michael as the only guest, would you guys still go?
  7. mooby81

    Showmasters: What is going on?

    Still nothing? I've been away without internet since Thursday night...I was hoping to come back to some sort of news.
  8. mooby81

    Showmasters: What is going on?

    Here's hoping! I have my ticket already, it's all paid up so I guess I'll be going what ever happens. I haven't been too worried about the lack of response from SM/ME but I am starting to a tiny but now. For the first time. I'm starting to regret spending £125 on a ticket
  9. mooby81

    What Season would you get Michael to sign?

    Haven't decided what I'm getting signed but if I was getting a cover signed it would probably be season 4...I guess because he has a more prominent role
  10. mooby81

    Latest Guest James & Oliver Phelps

    I was only saying the other day that I missed them last time around! Fantastic!
  11. He was fantastic in Star Trek. Think I'll be meeting him
  12. mooby81

    Are you a lurker?

    I think that's the way they need to play the next guest if possible...someone that crosses over in 2 (or more shows). Should get quite a few people on board. Although failing that a massive name (but to be honest can't see that happening)
  13. mooby81

    The West Wing

    I love The West Wing I'd love to meet Allison Janney Bradley Whitford Janel Maloney Jimmy Smits Dule Hill
  14. mooby81

    Keeley Hawes

    Seeing as Phillip Glenister was a massive success at C15 I would love Keeley to attend an event soon