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  1. How about some Lost Girl guests - Anna Silk, Zoie Palmer, Ksenia Solo - or am I the only one who watches this tiny Canadian show...?
  2. I love Dominic ...another one to add to my Enterprise collection
  3. Thanks for the fast work Jola!
  4. Yeah that's what I mean, if the price was dropped/partial refunds given. I was so excited about Michael being announced that's why I bought my ticket so I'd definitely still go but not for the £125 I paid and not for the whole weekend, probably could only get away with making it a day rather than a weekend. But surely there must be some British based (cheaper ;-)) stars that could be got...I'm still holding out hope for a new guest announcement!
  5. If it still went ahead with Michael as the only guest, would you guys still go?
  6. Still nothing? I've been away without internet since Thursday night...I was hoping to come back to some sort of news.
  7. Here's hoping! I have my ticket already, it's all paid up so I guess I'll be going what ever happens. I haven't been too worried about the lack of response from SM/ME but I am starting to a tiny but now. For the first time. I'm starting to regret spending £125 on a ticket
  8. Haven't decided what I'm getting signed but if I was getting a cover signed it would probably be season 4...I guess because he has a more prominent role
  9. I was only saying the other day that I missed them last time around! Fantastic!
  10. He was fantastic in Star Trek. Think I'll be meeting him
  11. I think that's the way they need to play the next guest if possible...someone that crosses over in 2 (or more shows). Should get quite a few people on board. Although failing that a massive name (but to be honest can't see that happening)
  12. I love The West Wing I'd love to meet Allison Janney Bradley Whitford Janel Maloney Jimmy Smits Dule Hill
  13. Seeing as Phillip Glenister was a massive success at C15 I would love Keeley to attend an event soon
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