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  1. I think that when the events are sold out that it makes sense for you not to have day people as it confuses things but here is another example. I can no longer make the whole event but as I cannot get a hotel refund and cannot ask for help on the forum I am now faced with a choice of either waste the money spent on the hotel or at least stay one night so we feel we have not wasted our money. This puts me in a position where I feel awkward for being there without a ticket. I cannot afford the £78 anyway and would be a waste for me as not there for much of it BUT at the same time I know that just by being in the hotel I will feel awkward for not having a ticket and feel like I would like to contribute in someway to help with the success of future hubs? The reason I booked the hotel first was because when I rang to book I was misguided to believe that there were only a few rooms left - this was not the case as there are many rooms left. If the rooms had been sold out I would have been allowed a refund and I didnt think of this as a risk as I was told I had one of the last rooms!! I know that it sounds cheeky just turning up anyway but we only live an hour away and if I paid for it, Im using it! Maybe if I am feeling very guilty if someone is collecting for charity I can put some money in your bucket!!
  2. Sorry - as much as we want to help I am afraid this still counts as selling, and selling isn't allowed on the forum. QS
  3. I hated that when I stayed at the Ibis. It was the only down side. There is a route to the side of it that was blocked off due to the refurbishments that were going on... We managed to find a muddy little squeeze through in the end. I'm assuming the work will have been completed by now, so hopefully you won't even have to go through the scary wood/grass area of doom!? I was thinking the exact same thing, you should have been able to walk to the left and then through the car park rather than that dark scary little patch - surely that is open now. I think you are right. I know that doesnt seem fair to people that can't afford it but at the first hub I had bought my gold ticket and couldnt get in at the park inn cos people who didnt have tickets had booked. I think I heard that rooms then got cancelled but at that time people would have already checked into Ibis. I thought that this was unfair really as I had stumped up my con ticket money first. Whatever way you do things its always unfair on somebody.
  4. My daughter is 3 years old - can someone from SM please confirm if she needs a childs ticket or is she too young for me to worry about this? Thanks
  5. I remember at previous hubs they said the reason not to film skits and put them on youtube etc is because they were playing their torchwood characters and that it could land people in trouble with bbc etc and that if they were posted they wouldnt be able to do anything like it again which is why it is a lot worse to put the skits on than the talks etc. I hope a few idoits havent ruined what is now becoming a tradition - how fantastic was it when kai burst onto the stage on saturday.
  6. cazbutler

    Im in a fix

    Did you go to HUB2? cos if you did its the same guests isnt it? If it was my family I wouldnt miss the wedding but for a friend it would depend how close we were - only you know how close you are to your flatmate.
  7. If you ring the hotel would they be able to tell you how many rooms they had left? I don't think they are going to go as fast if people have to pay upfront for them.
  8. I dont know if people get excited sometimes and dont realise they are getting in peoples way but this one person, the woman told him loads of times she couldnt see and dont think the other person cared much. It is a bit much when its right in your ear as well - constantly.
  9. One bloke had a big professional camera that was really noisy (mechanical clicky noises..) and was taking photos the whole way thru (why?? lol) - poor woman behind couldnt see cos it was in the way most of the time. Not joking must have took a pic every 5 seconds and had thousands of identical pictures.
  10. At the first hub, they would not let you book a room for hub 2 until you had your receipt from the reg desk to prove you had paid up for your con ticket at hub 2 - this way they prob knew you were unlikely to cancel as you had your con ticket. We didnt have the same luxury this time tho - it may sting peoples pockets but it will stop people booking who as still thinking about going and leave more rooms for people who actually have their con tickets.
  11. Photos - I got such a mad headache from all the click click click - beep beep beep all the way through, I mean surely all those photos have got to look the same!!! LOL!
  12. I booked direct through the park inn website and got panicky but have called then twice today and both times they checked my reservation on computer and said that it was fine and the room was mine. They told me this is because there were a few rooms that were not reserved by the organisers and mine was one of them. I dont know about booking through secondary sites though as did not ask.
  13. You are better off to call and speak to the hotel than trying to book online now probably.
  14. You were so excited lol, think its great we got early silver as we only just behind gold now :) glad you got booked in at Park Inn as well. Hee, yay, found you! I couldn't remember your SN, and I wanted to say thank you also - and I missed saying bye to you and Mary (I've remembered her name right, yes? *hopes*). *does my little happy dance again* I'm number one! Ahem. I'm a grown-up really... Yeah, my little girls name is Mary :) I had to run after the final talk as my husband was waiting to pick me up - as I lived local (15 min drive) I wasnt staying at the hotel and Simon was running me about cos the parking was so expensive. He is stopping at the hotel for hub 4 with me but not got a ticket as he would miss half the talks anyway, he not too fussed really, going for me. I am on facebook - www.facebook.com/cazbutler.
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