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  1. I usually travel to cons by myself mostly because I've been going to more U.K. cons than U.S. cons lately but, depending on the con, I'll meet up with folks I know from previous ones. My very first U.K. con was one of the SM/ME Hubs and I brought my best friend with me but all of them since I've traveled alone. Irishtwighter, if you don't want to hangout at the convention by yourself the easiest thing to do is make friends here on the forum (or FB if you're willing to wade through the sludge over there). It's kinda quite on here now but the closer it gets to the event traffic should pick
  2. I ended up with Platinum 075 & I'm in Group B. Not too bad as far as positioning goes. I'm trying to wake-up so I can get a move on but it's not working too well.
  3. I agree whole heartedly about having a few minor guests on Friday night. Any thing we can get done then means that much less we have to worry about on Sat and Sun - maybe it would mean getting to hear all of a talk instead of having to arrive late or cut out early. I'm taking advantage of doing the 'you on 221B/Speedwell's' photos so they're out of the way. And hopefully will be able to see some of the other exhibits so I'll have more time for everything else. As for the Group A & B vs photo A & B - they're doing it slightly differently for the US one by using 'Baker Street' and
  4. No wi-fi would drive me crazy. Hopefully your headache has been beaten into submission by now.
  5. I'm all checked in at the Ibis and even mostly unpacked. I keep forgetting how much I dislike the fact there are not top sheets or washcloths and how I detest the step up into the bathroom. But all that is minor stuff . I'm starting to get really psyched about being here.😉 A short nap then a smoke and then off to find decent painkillers. Laters!
  6. I finally sat down and tried to work out my schedule (Plat 'B') and it is an absolute MESS! There are several talks that that I *MUST* go to & ofcourse they conflict with some photo shoots pretty badly. All of which makes me a very grumpy camper. In short, there are waaaaay too many people coming to this, both guests and attendees! Give me a smaller convention any time. I know I'm going to have a fantastic time inspite of the overwhelming crowd but a girl can dream...
  7. What does everybody think about the party 'themes' and venues? I'm slightly more optimistic than before they were announced. I'm going to be running around this weekend like a chicken with it's head cut off because I'll be trying to get so much stuff done before I fly out Wednesday evening. I did manage to get part of my laundry done today but I still have a bunch to do At least by going to the laundromat I can do several loads at once. Leaves me more time to pack ( which I always need). I *still* haven't decided which Victorian outfits to take for the photo shoots on the sets.
  8. No Arwel?!? NOOOOOOO! What can I say, I'm going to keep hoping that he can make it after all.
  9. Just curious - Am I the only one who found John's chair to be kinda uncomfortable and *very* low to the ground? The couch on the other hand was much more comfy or was that just because I got to cuddle with Rupert?
  10. I feel you pain about the airfare. I sorta lucked out there because I ended up not being able to go to a Torchwood con earlier this year but had already bought the plane tickets so I just switched the date on them. That way at least they didn't get wasted like the tickets for the con. Yes getting refundable/changeable tickets costs a little more but having that leeway can be very useful. Now I'm trying to decide about going back a day or so later so I can see Mark & Ian in Boys in the Band or not.
  11. I'd be happy with just about anyone but there's a part of me that hopes it's Ben & that there will be a shoot w/ at least Ben and his parents but my dream shoot would be all four of the "Holmeses". That just sounds so cool.
  12. I'm at the Ibis on Western Gateway again this year.
  13. I've too have started sorting through what to take to be signed and I've rounded up my silver Sharpies. :) Also trying to decide about what clothes to take. Especially which Victorian ones for the pics on the Victorian sets! I need to rewatch TAB to get an idea of how 'fancy' I should go. I've got a couple of evening dresses I've haven't even worn yet but I'm worried about them being too fancy. Oh the sometimes 'silly' decisions you have to go through for a con!
  14. Just before I had a whole bunch of things go to hell in a hand basket *SIGH* I completely splashed out and bought a VIP ticket. I thought, "I've actually have the money for once and the airfare & hotel aren't quite as expensive so why not?" (I was thinking about upgrading my UK ticket but now it looks very, very iffy for that *pout*) Now I'm just praying that Arwel will be coming so he can to the behind the scenes that he did for the VIPs at the first UK SHERLOCKED. Yep, the main reason I bought it wasn't for the actors (as cool as that will be!) but for him. I want to pick his br
  15. Thanks for the info y'all. Right now I'm trying to decide on which track I want to be on.
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