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  1. Have positive and non positive comments re the Saturday tour. Enjoyed the coach part of the TW Tour especially Kai being Kai - do think there should have been a microphone though as normally a coach tour would have the guide at the front with a mic so everyone can see and hear. Loved the photo - brill idea - shame when they were handed out at the end the people giving them out put their fingerprints all over them. Maybe look at a better way of doing this for future. Unfortunately, I don't think the walking tour worked as well as it should have. On a walking tour you have people of all abilities and speed re walking. I think I managed to see and hear Kai point out just a couple of things. I live in an historical village and walking tours are held regularly with similar numbers to the TW tour. The guide normally waits for the group to gather before giving out the details. On the TW tour this didn't happen and several people were missing out on the location/information. I don't know whether this improved on the Sunday tour but again for future I hope more consideration is given to this. I think the TW tours have the potential to be epic if improvements are made for future ones
  2. They gave a timeframe because last time people complained that there was no timeframe given. Damn if they do, damn if they don't. So a timeframe was given which wasn't kept to - working in customer service I was taught never to give false promises or give misleading information out. It's nothing to do with dammed if you do and dammed if you don't. Pure courtesy to follow through on something you say!
  3. Guys, we are really sorry: But as stated a number of times, the mods don't know more than what was posted here. We're not keeping updates back on purpose. We have asked if it is possible that an announcement can be made with an approximate release time etc., but as you see that has not happened yet. The guest for sure won't be announced until everything has been finalized, that much I can tell you. I would assume the delay is just because of that, that there hasn't been final confirmation on the guest yet. During the weekend it is always more different to reach people. It's obviously not happening as fast as SM expected. Maybe SM shod not mention a possible timescale then in future. When people put "either tomorrow or the next day" people expect to see it on there. It's purely good customer service to keep to something you say. If you are not sure then don't put it, then people don't get annoyed and disappointed!
  4. Waiting all day to see who is doing the second tour - looking like will be tomorrow now when I'm out
  5. Any chance you cld work it if they are at the same time to have both guests in the actual photoshoot as technically this is what you originally advertised initially
  6. Will the tours be at the same time as some people may have specifically brought the tickets for Kai being the guide!!!
  7. Normally if you initially promote a specific event with the suggestion of multiple TW guests etc and compare it to another TW event you would at least have a good possibly of this happening. I'm not stupid, I know plans change and that a guest who has been booked their schedules can change meaning they pull out. In my opinion I feel fans were misled. Plus you say guests can only be booked if available - there are several actors/actresses who have been in TW who have already voiced on Twitter etc they would be happy to attend as TW representatives & fans would be more than happy to meet but they don't get asked. Aw well hopefully the event is a success and there will be another Cardiff one.
  8. Presume if its only the one coach there won't be many tickets anyway!
  9. So that's it then - all that hype at the beginning re TW guests and it ends up being one albeit the lovely Kai Really disappointed in you Showmasters!
  10. Initial response Wow Wow Wow :) Torchwood Guests, host for each coach, photo shoot with some cast Reality Disappointment 1 guest and yes I appreciate its awesome Kai but the event was promoting insinuating several TW guests 1 host therefore prob 1 coach Photo shoot in front of tower - probably wont happen and if it does - 1 TW guest I think Showmasters have misled the TW fan base on this one big time especially likening it to what used to happen at the Hub events. I was disappointed when Showmasters ended the Hub events as there were plenty of guest actors who had been in TW at one time or another and personally I think if Showmasters had gone to one Hub event a year rather than the two as there are so many other popular fandom conventions it was unrealistic to expect people to go to two TW ones a year. I am sure even now if Showmasters did a TW one especially after the break in them and the initial excitement about what was supposed to be being offered at this one, there would be enough interest to do one. I know so many people were disappointed nothing was said after the initial announcement on this one, as I think if more had been forthcoming following the announcement people would have attended in numbers. As it is I think Showmasters have shot themselves in the foot with this one and anyone who brought tickets based on the initial things being dangled including me will think twice before jumping in and supporting Showmasters upfront prior to knowing the full details. Such a shame as I think this could have been a great event for TW fans...
  11. So as its supposed to be Film and Comic Con Please Invite BEN LOYD HOLMES and cast of the movie he is in the process of making"Expedition Movie" see details here http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-expedition-movie-project He is going to be filming in Wales around August time too so would be really handy Plus he would be another Torchwood guest and he was in Skyfall etc too.
  12. Appreciate you say info will be posted I know everyone is getting sick of that line: but we are not keeping any info back on purpose. An update will be posted as soon as there is something to post. I swear we are not hiding any info from anyone, really. Kai doesn't know more than you or me. Appreciate you say update on this will be posted as soon as there is anything but when the tour was first announced I think a lot of TW fans got the impression this was going to be a really cool idea and the thought of having a photo in the bay with some of the cast was something of a "omg" moment. But really we are not that far away from the event and nothing has been said apart from the initial announcement and that Kai will be one of the tour guides. Surely, something else to tempt us could be announced soon coz at this rate Kai will be doing it on his lonesome, that's if it even goes ahead. It will be a real shame if it doesn't happen after all the initial hype but some type of information would I'm sure be gratefully received by those that were initially excited at the prospect and are holding onto it still being a reality...
  13. Still nothing official announced so - hopefully after LFCC is ended could you Please ask BEN LOYD HOLMES He would be a guest people would come and see especially from the old TW Hub conventions. Plus he has so much to offer- he has been in SKYFALL, DA VINCIS Demons, THE HIKE and is about to embark on a new monster horror movie. He is so good at chatting and talking with real knowledge about the industry. Getting to the BEGGING stage now....
  14. Would be fabulous idea and would cover some TW guests definately
  15. Any update on this Showmasters as people starting to ask Kai on twitter about it?
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