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  1. doubleshiny

    Saturday tickets marked sold out?

    I've already waited six weeks and I have received no reply to my email
  2. Hi, I went to buy Saturday and Sunday tickets but the website said that Saturday tickets were sold out, so I bought a weekend ticket I didn't need because that was the only option Now it says Saturday tickets are on sale again - is this because you just didn't update the store? In any case, can I get a refund for the weekend ticket so I can buy the tickets I wanted? I have emailed but there was no reply
  3. doubleshiny

    Sherlocked Website Launched - Tickets on Sale Now!

    That's a service charge of the ticket service I'm afraid. Due to the demand there wasn't really another choice than to use an external service. The ME ticket page wouldn't even have made it past 4 seconds. Then absorb the cost yourselves? I think this is called adding insult to injury!
  4. It was a complete shambles this weekend but it all comes down to greed - making as much money as possible within a short time knowing that you have no intention of dealing with any comeback from bad organisation. I only come to LFCC to see my friends, but I always buy a ticket in advance because there no guarantees of getting in. On Saturday I lasted 20 minutes before I gave up and went to the pub, I tried to spend as little time as possible in the venue. In previous years I have spent an absolute fortune on autographs and photos but this year it was so chaotic and crowded that I just didn't bother. I got one autograph which cost £20. Usually I come with a shopping list from my friends that can't make it - I am NEVER doing that again! In future years I'm going to make sure to limit the time I am forced to spend in the centre queueing to the absolute bare minimum. I actually enjoyed this year more than any other because I opted out of interacting with Showmasters as far as possible, As long as they are making money, that is all they care about. Don't expect apologies, or even explanations. I think anyone who has ever complained to Showmasters will tell you you are wasting your breath. There's a scene in the Simpsons where Homer is trying to tell Moe that he has just 'lost himself a customer'. He yells it half a dozen times but Moe can't hear him over the clamour of other people trying to give him money. That's what complaining to Showmasters is!
  5. I did, both days! I tried to show it but no-one seemed interested, then I just walked through a door because I couldn't see anyone checking tickets, just stamping people's hands.
  6. doubleshiny

    Latest Guest Announcement - FINN JONES

    I love him with all my soul I mean...great guest, nice guy etc
  7. doubleshiny

    Attendee Twitter Accounts

  8. doubleshiny

    Update of Posting out of Uncollected Photos

    Got my two awesome pics of Finn yesterday. thank you!
  9. doubleshiny

    Latest guest announcement - THOMAS DEKKER

    Did anyone ever find out if he would sign Heroes stuff? He has refused at other cons
  10. doubleshiny

    Who did you meet at Collectormania.

    Gorgeous Nichelle Nichols, charming Erick Avari and beautiful, beautiful Finn Jones. (His new official name)
  11. doubleshiny


    I don't know why the individual Finn Jones thread is locked but I wanted to say what a great guest he was, I totally fell in love.
  12. doubleshiny

    Chris Pine

    You've got my vote, though I don't know if I'd trust myself wth him
  13. doubleshiny

    Latest Guest Announcement - THOMAS DEKKER

    Yes, any news?
  14. doubleshiny

    Latest Guest Announcement - PATRICK STEWART

    He is the one I will be excited to meet, having met Mr Shatner at LFCC
  15. doubleshiny

    Event Info

    Am I reading this right, you have to have silver or above to see any talks?