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  1. hotshot hoe down - fri fangtasia - sat sunday dont mind as i have a plan for that night anyway lol
  2. that's my catchphrase lol LOL I know I was with you circling Grant!!!! have you seen the vid of that? lmao
  3. ha ha ha ill defo be there WOOP WOOP WOOPWOOP
  4. ok so where is the guest for the vamp loving guys its really seems like a female orientated event this year
  5. green shorts guy seems to be gettin a kickin he was a laugh but fugitives sounds like an ace theme bright orenge jumper suits and shackles
  6. so no pic but a lot of you will remember me im the green short shorts guy ha ha it was a laugh and am looking forward to e3 if im nt band lol
  7. omg i hope masi oka (i hope that is spelled right)cums with him to have that pair would make my wknd f*** that it would make my year
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