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  1. Can I just say the girl who was The Weeping Angel on Sunday was fantastic. My son loved her and she was really friendly to him. Great costume.
  2. Event Feedback? They got David Tennant. I got to see David Tennant. In my book that make everything about the event perfect. Nothing more to add.
  3. Just realised I've not added a Woo Hoo! to this yet. WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!! Quite excited about this guest. I might steal him.
  4. OMG! It's a good one! Totally worth half trashing my pc to watch it! Be gone you damn pop-ups! The humour has really been turned up a notch. Or perhaps it was just my warped mind? Whatever it was, these two episodes were absolutely the dogs testicles.
  5. LMAO at this thread!!! You lot are shameless! Having said that, no idea what he looked like under his mask but Spidey sure did smell good
  6. I only attended on the Sunday and thought it was fantastic! The only downside was the Heroes talk as the guests couldn't hear the questions and then they didn't answer them. Dominic Keating would not be quiet and done the talking for all of them. Bruce was as miserable as has been mentioned in the other thread. I know it was a free talk but I feel it could have been a little more structured with someone hosting and asking the guests for their answers. At times it was a little embarrassing. There weren't as many cosplay people as I remember from Saturday last year, but there was a totally awesome Jack Sparrow and Dr Manhattan which made up for not seeing a Rorschach anywhere Random sight of the day was some bloke from Eastenders surrounded by Doctor Who props. As expected the Twilight boys and Harry Potter twins were extremely busy. Jimmy Jean Louis was so friendly as was Paul McGann who spoke to us whilst getting Jimmy's autograph. I enjoyed Sunday and the bonus was that the tube didn't seem as busy on the way home
  7. Are you thinking of the password used to get into the SArmy drinking den at E3? I have no idea what you're on about SARMY!!!!! I'll be there on Sunday only, so expect me to be making up for the lost day
  8. I'm beginning to regret my decision to limit my Heroes autos to the first GN. I'm rapidly running out of space! Cool guest! Thanks SM
  9. I'll be there definately for Saturday. Not sure about Sunday yet
  10. Explain please. Ah yes, the singing bush Greg was outside on the phone and I was nearby, in a bush, doing an impression of the singing bush from Three Amigos. It was one of those 'you had to be there moments'
  11. Just want to give big hugs and love to my fellow SArmy for helping make this event so wonderful
  12. It was a weekend of awesomeness from start to finish. I'm sorry to hear some people didn't enjoy it and had a rough time because for me, this was by far the best Eclipse (Ok, so Grunny being there had something to do with that). I really hope that Eclipse will return at some point in the future, either on it's own or with another show....I would hate to think that I would never go to a Heroes con again
  13. No you have not seen it wrong. Gold get all 3, Silver and Standard get 2. There appears to be a small error. Ashley Crow's Saturday 16:15 GE, the second group should be ST28-ST36. Ntare Mwine's Sunday 12:00 GE, the second group should be ST28-ST36. At present they say ST28-S36, the second T went for a walk somewhere. Cheers Too Tall for clearing that up....just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed it
  14. Thanks Surprisingly full schedule despite only 3 guests....looking forward to it! Hang on a minute...Is that correct? Because I have S19 & S20 and can't see that there's a guest encounter with Ntware at all :/ Or have I read it wrong?
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