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  1. You crazy! This isn't Hollywood... Can you imagine those names getting paid to sign autographs, nope! Neve Campbell is a huge guest if your into horror! She is a modern scream queen from a classic modern slasher! Great announcement!
  2. Really sad news! RIP!
  3. Who are the Reeds in GOT? Will they be main or supporting characters?
  4. Sadly, Larry Ward died 25 years ago otherwise he would have been a pretty awesome guest to have...
  5. 100% the more the merrier. If they are good names then fans will always pay no matter what.
  6. Ahh this sucks! I had three people to meet.... now I have only one. Ah well, fingers crossed he'll come back again soon.
  7. I've been coming to Collectormania since the very first show and she is by far one of the nicest guests I have had the pleasure in meeting. She took time to speak to everyone and clearly appreciated her fans. Great 'grounded' guest!!!
  8. He has been announced to sign in the US for the first time for another show so now I guess this has increased the chances of him appearing at a UK show...
  9. I have heard his assistant takes the item/s you want to be signed inside the stage door for him to sign while you wait. When he was in London last time he signed autographs from inside his car but because of the location of this theatre stage door being tucked down a side street I guess he's signing inside before coming out. He normally signs 2 autos per person and is an amazing friendly guy!
  10. Hey, I know Frank Oz's play is in London but I had no idea he was directing it and have missed a chance to go and get his autograph and I desperately needed him in person and am incredibly disappointed. Does anyone Star Wars collectors out there know if hes still going to his shows or if hes still about?
  11. If shes doing a photoshoot, then there will be no posed photographs with her at her signing table. Only way to get a picture with her is to buy the photoshoot ticket, however, you can take pictures of her while she signs.
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