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  1. What time does Diamond Pass collection open on Saturday? It sounds like those who have a Diamond Pass and can only collect it on the day of the show are at a disadvantage when it comes to getting VQ tickets for other guests. They will have to queue for their Diamond Pass before going around the building for general entry, which means they'll be further back in the entry queue than they would have been if they hadn't bought a Diamond Pass. Or am I missing something obvious?
  2. Would be good if Eventbrite could add the next Noah Wyle batches too, seeing as all three of them are sold out
  3. I was under the impression Showmasters posted warnings when tickets were close to selling out. Good to know for future reference they no longer do that!
  4. Thanks for the answer! I've also noticed that Weekend and Saturday entry tickets are sold out but I didn't see a warning, and it seemed very sudden (I just refreshed the store and they were both sold out!) Do you know if that's a mistake?
  5. If I have a photo shoot on one day and miss it (due to clashes etc) can I use my ticket for the following day instead? Usually clashes aren't a problem but as it'll be so busy I figure it's best to ask just in case!
  6. Such a shame about Craig! Hope you can bring him back (along with more One Tree Hill guests) for a future event!
  7. Haha, I was just about to suggest Sarah-Jane Potts as well!
  8. Yes, he was in my favourite movie ever (The Princess Bride) so I'd love to meet him.
  9. Get Cary Elwes back to join her! And Tobin Bell whilst you're at it :wink:
  10. Get Olivia Hallinan and even though I've already met Lenora I'll go back and buy that double shot to get signed by both of them!
  11. It's not really fair on Showmasters for me to post who it was, but the person in question posted it on their Twitter, and then posted again to say it wasn't going to happen.
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