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  1. its okay, i have orchestra and wont get back till 9.30!! (but then i'll log straight on) cant wait!!!!
  2. *hugs Cathyvicki* *and again* need any more hugs?!
  3. erm, nell, i hope i havent made you mad cos i have the same name as you!! (sorry if i have)
  4. hellooo, anybody there?
  5. welcome! i was new myself only a couple of weeks ago, and i know what it feels like!!
  6. no it does not count, but oh well!!! hi!!!
  7. okay dokey i see that eli-jayne has changed her name to nell - which is quite good too!! (my sister's boyfriends' little sis is called eleanor, and her nickname nell!) bye bye!!!
  8. you can have two numbers if your ellie comes on the board too, i suppose!!! yey, more ellies for the club!!!
  9. helloooooooooooooo?? *looks around lost* where has eli-jayne gone to ???
  10. i luv bond too - did you see the living daylights (it was on tv yesterday) with the cellist - its one of my favs!!!!
  11. is eli-jayne still around?
  12. i think people may just want a picture of the actor if it is of good quality so they can look at it or something
  13. so is it worth me taking my own stuff for them to sign, or would i be better off taking the pictures, whether or not you get them anyway?
  14. i would have thought that it would have been the other way around also!!!
  15. hey i'm back now!! and ready for action!!! wish more lotr actors could be there in C5, we can but wait!!! any more members out there for the ellie club? we are on the lookout for more!!! *looks hopeful* come on ellies, let the world hear your voice!!
  16. elliejayne


    oh, okay!! join us on the food fight topic!!
  17. elliejayne


    waves to every one!!
  18. newsround website has good piccies hope its helpful!!
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