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  1. Hey lotr_nut get on here, I got your text!
  2. Hey guys, I looked on my local cinema website which is warner village cinemas or vue, and saw that you can get tickets to the previews of potter now!!
  3. Yeh, another chance to meet him, although if you are a person who lives on the end of the united kingdom, then getting to him could be a challenge!!, is he still filming the Yank?
  4. Lotr_nut get your but back on chatzy!!!!
  5. I'm going on Friday the 25th of June aswell, see you all there!!!
  6. Where did you get the tickets for the concert?????
  7. Just found out the Rasmus are on totp tonight, so maybe the website will have pics.
  8. This HP section isnt just about meeting the characters, its about people chatting about the books, films etc, they were putting in their opinion, theirs count too! BHPF There are several Harry Potter conventions Britian is holding one The USA has held one in florida one is being held in Boston Masschuetts. Plus you can go for a day instead of going for the whole event. Since you dont have a lot of money Kyle Longbottom I want Britain to hold another one!
  9. Thanks LMB, nice photos the website I went on none of the photos came up! also found a way of scanning photos onto computer!
  10. I am going to keep this going......!
  11. Hey guys, just thought I had to put a thread on because I love the Rasmus, their new single is great and the lead singer is georgous!!! , who agrees??, anyone got any pics??
  12. Just seen advert for Elijah's new movie Eternal Sunshine, its out in the UK on friday, so make sure you people check it out!!, I cant wait to see it, I think Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet is in it as well!
  13. Yeh he sort of says that on his site, because he says after the Goblet Of Fire I am going to Fishing college, so looks like he wont be in the fifth film.
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