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  1. Year the fright fest screening was ace!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Totally agree, Del Toro would be ace - he's in London this weekend for the fright fest. Norrington would be cool too.
  3. Hey how about extending it to crew as well, then we could invite - guess who? Mike Mignola Genius
  4. I love it when a plan comes together! Get the T'miseter for C6
  5. Cool Idea, but lets not forget the roots - Mike Mignola. Hey did some one mention Mike Mignola? Yeah! Well trip on over to the 'Shout for mike Mignola' thread and post some support. Please.
  6. c'mon dudes get over to my 'Shout for Mike Mignola' thread and make a ruckus! The right hand of doom commands you!
  7. That's the stuff guy's! You want comic book guests? Well what are you waiting for, post some encouragement please! WE WANT MIKE!
  8. OK in the effort to try and rouse some interest I've decided to post "What has Mike Mignola done for us?", much in the vein of the BBC2 series. 1 - The Early Years - Look at his work on Aliens VS Predator, Batman, X-Men classic, Batman/Judge Dread: Vendetta on Gotham, 2 - Hellboy. The writing, the story arcs and the artwork are all top notch. A totally identifiable regular guy (albeit monster), who fights monsters. Look at the way he carves his characters out of shadow, superb totally engaging gothic fell! 3 - Film. Production design artist / consultant for Dracula (Francis Ford Coppola), Blade II, Hellboy. As well as character development for Disney’s Atlantis, and work on the animated Batman series. He has a small cameo in the Hellboy movie. 4 - He cooked the first full English fry up 5 - He was responsible for designing the underwater tunnel connecting England and Peru. 6 - And he invented the Cat What more can you say, lets have him for LFACC2!
  9. Well said mate, the part of my brain that's still working says....spam!
  10. Actually after something my friend mention to me I've just done a quick search, and apparently he has been very ill. Here's a quote from http://www.mrtvseverything.com/faq.html#1.2
  11. What if they have to fly him over! He aint getting on no plane!
  12. Cool, such a nice fella, good to have hime come back!
  13. What a curve ball! Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy
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