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  1. if he can do heavy metal, maybe he can do conventions ? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-18367892
  2. Trevor Martin, he was in Doctor Who, and played the doctor on stage
  3. another one for the X-files reunion please ?
  4. Lena Headey & Thomas Dekker Olivia D'Abo I could have say Henriksen, Plakson, Routh or even Chong, but D'Abo is a first timer here so it deserves some credits. Plus its a Clone Wars guest ^^
  5. May I suggest Stephanie Jacobsen as a TSCC replacement? and that would make a BSG guest too ^^
  6. oh no... losing another Terminator guest hope she can make it to LFACC
  7. argh bummer, the Headey/Dekker photo was the main attraction for me, but thats life, Im glad you tried. Maybe we'll get Summer at LFCC who knows
  8. thanks, will be cool to meet him and his wife
  9. personnally, and I think like many others here, Im only interested by a COMPLETE shot, meaning with the 5 doctors. Not 4. so even with a partial refund in case of a "doctor" cancellation, 60£ still a lot of money for a photo, thats why we are concerned to end up with a photo we dont want ! now dont get me wrong, I love this opportunity, and I would have paid even more, but Im not interested by the alternative to pay less for less. We are the people who will pay big for big group photoshoot, we just want the peace of mind when paying that money. Its important.
  10. Paul Dini yes it would be a great guest for LFCC, Ive just listenned to his interview on the smodcast and this guy is awesome
  11. I would love so much to meet the cast from Fringe too. Sometimes its like the new X-files, so how great would that be to have Anna Torv at the same event than Gillian !! Melissa is now doin convention so its a possibility, and Clea cancelled an event in the UK, would still like to meet her.
  12. Headey+Dekker : 44 Im buyin the rest at the event Hopefully by then some more group shoots could be added? Dorn/Plakson, child/adult Amy Pond, or the 3 kids
  13. Its a good opportunity to have them both at this show, surely some Trek fans would be happy to have a duo photoshoot. I know I would buy one if it was available.
  14. met her at the second LFCC, nice person to talk to. A photo-op with Michael Dorn would be perfect
  15. maybe adding a Tardis and Daleks in this would make it even more cool ?
  16. good question. I think they will offer a full refund if you dont want it anymore, like they have done with the Hellraiser one at LFCC. In this case I know I want a full refund if one of them is not there. I'll be paying for the 5, not less.
  17. thanks! The annoucement I was waiting for now that Colin Baker is doin both days. Sadly the store is closed for foreign orders, hope I can buy one at the event. Any chance of more group shot being added please? (Amy Pond, Dorn/Plakson)
  18. also know as Marvin from Pulp Fiction [media=] [/media] met him last year, nice guy
  19. would be cool to see her at MK with the other kids (and that would make two "River Song")
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