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  1. Has anyone seen any cloakrooms about and also, do you know if they are open over the weekend? Cheers! :)
  2. I think with the announcement of Connor and Dominic, Scott Bakula, Jolene Blalock or any of the other Enterprise NX-01 crew would be great additions.
  3. Can anyone remember if the motorpoint arena has a cloakroom?
  4. I cant seem to find a topic or mention of it anywhere... Showmasters events generally seem to have talks, is Cardiff going to have any? I see no mention of any is all! Cheers.
  5. Fantastic guest announcement, glad to see a Trek guest for Cardiff
  6. Fantastic, maybe keep the DS9 reunion ongoing from LFCC? Colm Meaney, Chase Masterson, Terry Farrell, Jeffrey Combs, Cirroc Lofton, Casey Biggs?
  7. I feel this con could use some Trek guests so my suggestions are: Levar Burton George Takei Anton Yelchin Marina Sirtis Kate Mulgrew John Cho Walter Koenig Nichelle Nichols Jolene Blalock Linda Park Dominic Keating Anthony Montgomery Jeffrey Combs Alice Krige Christopher Lloyd Gates Mcfadden Will Wheaton Robert Beltran Roxann Dawson Tim Russ Robert Duncan Mcneill Terry Farrell Colm Meaney Chase Masterson and especially... Jeri Ryan Jonathan Frakes Scott Bakula Connor Trinneer John Billingsley Simon Pegg Benedict Cumberbatch Robert Picardo ..... please?
  8. Surely it doesn't have to be a specific character. If you are dressed as a captain what's to stop you specifying you are Kirk anyway? Or any other captain mentioned in films, books, comics etc. They can hardly say otherwise if you've got the correct uniform on and as far I know that's the only criteria you need to fullfil. Ta very much for the help Looking forward to this!
  9. I am dressing as an original series starfleet captain though not a particular character, just a general captain, would that count? Or does it have to be as specific as say Captain kirk?
  10. I have noticed a few people saying they are still booking tickets for this and that, now I was under the impression ticket bookings had passed the cut off point and could now only be done on the day?
  11. Im curious as to the limit on how many people can go in, I left it thinking I would pay on the door but kinda wish Id booked it now! I suppose untill the day theres noway of knowing. I know tickets didnt sell out.
  12. This event is a great opportunity for a good start on them, and agreed, sad on the front with the original cast but Id like to get the ones I can. Like I say I would get a few 12x10s but frames and mounts for that size are quite hard to find for somereason, or prehaps thats just me?
  13. Hi, so im looking for some advice, usually with autos I tend to go with an 8x10 per actor however Im debating starting collecting autos from the cast of the original series, TNG, Voyager and DS9 but all on one photo (or four rather, one for each series), my actual question is, what size would you guys recommend for a photo likely to get so many autographs? I get the feeling an 8x10 would be too small. But going the size up makes framing harder and not to mention a lot of wallspace, incredibly torn!
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