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  1. Any guests from these two shows would be awesome especially the AMELLS!!!!!!!
  2. I bought my ticket on the 10th oct (well I ordered it) but the event is a few days a way and when I've looked at my account ti hasn't even been viewed yet!!!!! Didn't wan't to buy it at the event which is why I orderded now but I also ordered my Alexis photo shoot. I have emailed and still heard nothing.
  3. Can't believe no one has asked for Reed Diamond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would love to meet him and it would tie in with Much ado.
  4. sorry about the queues grumble but don't get me wrong I HAD A BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sarah was amazing, Peter was hilarious, Norman = DUDE, and Tom Hopper is so sweet and adorable I wanted to keep him!
  5. You are right jael001, which is why I felt the need to bring this issue up. Glad I'm not the only one who believed this I also was NOT complaining about people with disabilities getting priority I am a carer so it's not fair to say I was, if you took it that way sorry but I never singled anyone out.
  6. i understand what everyone is saying I have been attending for some years and this is the FIRST time I have ever experienced this! I still feel it's an unfair system that people can bypass just because they paid on the day and had a smaller queue. Maybe having two doors open for early bird so it moves faster then it wouldn't be so much of an issue. In my defence I was not the only person waiting in a long queue who was unhappy with the situation. But it is now clear that if I'm going to queue I'm better off NOT buyig in advance, wait til I get there and avoid a massive queue. I once attended
  7. I feel that the point ofmy original complaint has been completey over looked and hasn't even been addessed! The box office analagy is where I was going
  8. well congratulations the forum has managed to bully someone into not using the forum to voice an opinion. I will instead just voice my concerns to the organisers. Why do you feel that defending Showmasters means that you have to completely invalidate anothers concern? Infact don't answer as I'm probably only adding fuel to your fire.
  9. I don't think anyone is quite understanding what I'm saying. We QUEUED and the people walked past the QUEUE bought tickets and WALKED IN! How is this fair on the people who had been QUEUING for at least an hour or so? I'm am NOT saying I'm better than anyone else and really feel that belittling is a good way to deal with some one who has a grievence. Maybe it's best to avoid the forum and email Jason.
  10. I don't feel that saying we expect an entitlement is not a very nice way of reply, I'm not saying I have an "entitlement" because I bought online, but I bought an EARLY BIRD, which I believe is to let you in before 11am, there was a queue of people who had also been there for quite a while and people just waltzed up bought a ticket and walked straight in without waiting, if this happened in a store would you be happy?
  11. even early bird? This is an unfair system and yes a misconception that isn't actually stated at time of purchase online. If that is the case it is misleading a customer to not make this information available. If you buy an early bird on the day you avoid queuing with the other early tickets and basically by pass the bigger queue? I'm sure you can understand why people in the early bird queue, who had been there sometime, had to stand back and watch people walk into on the day queue (which was at least mile shorter lol) and get straight in whilst they still stood outside. As I said at previous
  12. my main complaint about the weekend was the appalling queue on Saturday morning, we had to walk right round Earls court 1 and 2 to discover people buying on the day were being let in as soon as they bought and us that pre paid were still waiting! I was under the imprssion from previous shows that if you bought early bird on the day you then joined the BACK of the early bird queue. Why encourage people to buy in advance when, once you have the money, no courtesy is given on the day. I also know I am not the only person who was extremely upset about this issue.
  13. its been posted today that the last of the tickets will have been sent out today so you still have time.
  14. on a lighter note, maybe next time when booking dates try to avoid Wimbledon finals? Just that it doubled the normal price of the hotels, which means less for autos and photos:(
  15. I'm going to echo the extra seating call, I am not old, nor disabled but have suffered a bad back injury in the past which means standing or sitting for long periods really takes its toll. Even if it's just somewhere to sit to put you autos and pictures away safely without people bumping into you and bending them (yes that has happened in the past, without an apology)
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