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  1. Would love to have Ian Somerhalder back at a uk event he was awesome with everyone and would be nice to have more of the vampire diaries cast gutted that Ian couldn’t do last year when Paul Wesley was there as a photo op with both would of been incredible
  2. Literally the same with Ian kicking myself over some of the actual things I could of said to him,I wasn’t prepared to completely melt into those beautiful eyes never been so overwhelmed by meeting someone I still don’t remember the full conversation I had with him other than some stuff to do with TVD and him being very charming but Im so happy that he was so lovely was gutted he cancelled last year hopefully he will come back so we can all get another shot at more intelligent convo
  3. This was my first time attending and I had such a fantastic time sad it’s all over,can’t believe it was a week ago hope there is some cool guests for the winter one maybe persuaded to go
  4. Really hope Ian Somerhalder returns at some point as he was so so lovely to everyone,fantastic guy to meet
  5. Literally can’t explain how happy I am to have met Ian and for him to be so so genuinely lovely it was so much more than I had expected he really is such a great guy and those eyes & hugs wow so thankful to of had the opportunity to meet him really hope he comes back in the future
  6. Yeah I imagine it will take a while I just wasn’t sure where you go to find them when they do get uploaded if there’s a certain area on the website etc thanks
  7. Hi the JPEG’s of the pics that are taken where will they be to buy when they do get round to uploading them? I couldn’t see anywhere thanks
  8. He was amazing to meet the que was slow but so worth it to get that little bit of extra time with him such a lovely lovely guy Anyone going tomorrow enjoy you will love it
  9. I’m on my way to do his pm shoot literally so excited and nervous
  10. Hi just a quick question as I’ve never done a photo shoot before but is there somewhere to place like your bags so there not in the photo ? Thanks
  11. Thank you saves me the stress of trying to rush around also the autograph part will there be something when you arrive that tells you where the guest will be for that part as I assume I will do my autograph first while waiting for the pm photo shoot thanks
  12. Hi I have a diamond pass but coz of travel issues I won’t get there in time for the guests am photo shoot will I definitely be ok to do the pm shoot ? Never been before so kinda panicking about what happens etc thanks
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