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    Guest interactions.

    One of my favourites was Staz Nair who was lovely and chatty (I'm pretty shy so don't speak very much but he drew me out instantly and then personalised my autograph with our conversation with "from one secret hippie to another" so it's this lovely unique memento now). Aidan Turner- Just a complete sweetheart! I told that I'd been to see his play a few weeks ago and he was my 2nd favourite performance after the black cat (if you've seen it you know that Black Cat has impressive comic timing!) and that my mum wished she could have been there but sends her love- and I got a lot of laughter and my mum got love sent back. Just so great!! That is probably the most words I've voluntarily spoken to a guest lol. Noel Clarke- his fan interaction in general is fantastic, he starts by interacting with the whole queue each time taking videos and photos and it just felt like he was enjoying being near us as much as we near him! The Doctors were all keen to make sure the fans felt special (even with the Matt Smith rush auto I felt happy afterwards) so an extra mention to them too.
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    The “Thank You” Thread

    I feel like I've missed people but thanks to: The 2 guys on photo shoot A on Friday-I was there for Tom Welling's shoot which was delayed due to the Meatloaf shoot. It was efficient, we could hear what was going on and they got us through very quickly. The photo shoot G guys on Saturday with Iwan Rheon's shoot who all worked together as a team which made it so easy to get my photo. The sales staff at 3pm on Saturday onwards- Bless you for trying to help when the system couldn't cope with the Tennant demand! There were lots of emotionally charged fans and you dealt with us as best as anyone could have done. The lady in the red headscarf on Sunday morning whose quick thinking with the post-its prevented what could have become a small riot when there weren't VQTs at David Tennant's booth immediately available. (She and the team also handled us very well during the day with the queries too). The random guy in the crowd who shouted the Diamond numbers and batch numbers out for Aidan Turner's afternoon photo shoot as the volunteer team did not include a big voice fit for the Aidan Turner mass crowd- so incredibly helpful! The team that worked Matt Smith's auto queue in the afternoon trying to be fair and efficient whilst dealing with a lot of worried people, some that were getting quite heated (particularly thanks to the blueshirt woman in the purple leggings walking up and down the queue trying to give us all the information they had available and the blonde lady redshirt who got the situation under control and was just a legend the whole weekend (including Thursday afternoon organising the pick up queues) and Matt Smith himself who was still being lovely while trying to race through the autographs). Also the security guys for the whole weekend who were very helpful and lovely.
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    The photo is at Photo Area D. That is upstairs and by the main stage (if you see Areas A B and C you are close!). I would get there by 11:40/11:45 and look out for a blue tshirt. Autographs-Today he's been sat at the back of the hall on the same floor as the photo (go in the same direction as the crowd when you get in that should work!). People do change places over the weekend but it's the best place to start.
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    Latest Guest Announcement - INGRID OLIVER

    She was lovely in Cardiff, very attentive to everyone who spoke with her.