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  1. Looks good! Only one kind of an overlap photo but that wont be a problem at all. It will be a great weekend.
  2. Yes, the Friday 13 guests are amazing this spring. Look forward meeting them.
  3. I hope we will see the schedule soon, hopefully tomorrow. I am coming to London on Wednesday and it is so annoying to plan the photo ops only with the size of the phone screen. I prefer a printed copy, or if SM deside to make use of the app.
  4. One special I look forward to meet is a guest that is not even having a photo op ( ) and that is Samantha Alleyne, we had some nice chats on social media so it will be fun to meet IRL. The other one I really look forward to meet i MyAnna Buring as she is from my part of the woods.
  5. True, I actually in many ways prefer "small" guests as they have more time for you, less stress, and of course a different price level.
  6. Any day/hour from now, check back here or the lccs website.
  7. If you not far enough (season 6) ... dont read this https://vikings.fandom.com/wiki/Ingrid
  8. Since then I carry two cards, one I can transfer money to from my bank account in case of an emergency. Sometimes cash is king but we see less and less of it. Especially here in my country. There are shops/restaurants/café’s that do not accept cash anymore.
  9. Sunday.. Getting ready for next weekend.
  10. Arts & Craft, nothing beats a little rustic and worn.
  11. Not Comic-Con related..a few years back my bank blocked my card because they "thought" it was an unauthorized use of my card..I was in another city and about to buy a train ticket home. Lucky me I wasnt alone on the journey..but I told them one or two things over the phone. It was something I had bought that day. Since then it has not happened.
  12. Yes, I had a chat with her about 10-12 days ago and I just happen to say that I look forward to meet on the Sunday, then she corrected me and wrote she will be there on Saturday.
  13. Well, I have taken a ride in a DeLorean but never in a phone booth, simple as that.
  14. Hey SM! Please extend each day until 10pm so I can fit everything I want to do.
  15. I had a party with the guests today, lost some but new added. Vikings finally!!!!!
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