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  1. Talking about meeting, still hope I get the chance to bump into some of you there, nice to say hello in person.
  2. Thank you! All suggestions in Cardiff is welcome, gonna stay there I think for at least 2, perhaps 3 days. Must be at least 23 years ago I was there.
  3. If we all want it to move because it would fit better I guess we have to move LFCC to another dimension
  4. I am going to Cardiff in December, been told to visit and photo a statue, fountain or.. supposed to be Torchwood HQ..
  5. @R4wly97So true, the best mix. And perhaps find something new.
  6. We cant like everything. How boring would that be if we were all the same.
  7. Hmmm, probably not the same http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0402894/
  8. Lets say I have the same ”healthy” obsession with this lady as @Raylenth got with Mr. Cumberbatch, if I am correct. Actually met her the first time back in 05 when she did the movie Casanova opposite Heath Ledger. Never met him though.
  9. @R4wly97I would say it would be quiet hard to see every guest, maybe not impossible but hard.
  10. Loved her in Elementary as Moriarty
  11. The second question: Yes, but make sure your hand gets a stamp when you leave to eat.
  12. Yeah, I know I had 11 over one day last year, some clashes but they were easy solved with some help from the crew.
  13. ”Picnic at the Hanging Rock”, for Aussie TV, a mini-series, murder mystery. Have received great reviews. The movie ”In Darkness”, about a blind girl who witness a murder.
  14. Cant argue with that, but my sanity will.
  15. Breakthrough in the TV-series The Tudors, had a role in The Hunger Games (Cressida). Played Jamie Moriarty in ”Elementary” and I guess most famous for playing Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones.
  16. I met her again in November last year. Had a nice chat with her after the show. I flew over to London to see her in action on stage in the play ”Venus In Fur”. I have to say it is the best play I have ever seen.
  17. Hm, what did I miss as you woke up the mighty QS?! Just got back from a concert and things happen Actually curious about one thing. Can a guest become Diamond later down the way?
  18. I know, thst is why I will be extra picky from now on. I have a good mix guests I am so happy to meet already. There can always be one or two more added but I have to draw a line somewhere. With Sir Tony Robinson it feels very complete.
  19. Natalie Dormer called me a real life Jon Snow. The nicest thing anyone ever said to me..
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