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  1. Having a great time. Two photos and three autos, hope to share later.
  2. Money is there to be spent! But, yes ... more money for November if so.
  3. I really hope SM can bring some "Vikings" guests, especially now when it is on its last season. Travis Fimmel Clive Standen Katheryn Winnick Gustaf Skarsgård Alexander Ludwig George Blagden Linus Roache Jessalyn Gilsig Alex Høgh Andersen John Kavanagh Jordan Patrick Smith Moe Dunford Gabriel Byrne Jennie Jacques Georgia Hirst
  4. I will be so disappointed if it wont be someone I can whip my account with.
  5. I hope you have a safe journey then.
  6. We will be away at the same time, but different locations..how eerie is that?!
  7. Finally Thursday! Tomorrow it is the day.
  8. Darn ... Thought it was Thursday today..only Wednesday. An extra day waiting because of that..
  9. Calm down! Just pointed out Its Friday .. it is happening. And I will be elsewhere too..
  10. Three nights at work then an eventful weekend. I hope I will be able to post photos/scans from it soon after.
  11. Well, I was thinking more of Notting Hill. I have no idea if Hugh Grant have been in a Who thingy.
  12. What is wrong with Grant? You can drag a big blue door to Olympia and get it signed.
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