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  1. Chris forster

    Guest Suggestions

    Jesse Ventura bill duke richard chaves shane black dee Wallace
  2. Chris forster

    Guest Suggestions

    Hugh Laurie rowan atkinson stephen fry annette crosbie timothy spall jimmy nail but the ones I really want are eric idle terry Gilliam michael Palin john cleese and most of all Terry jones
  3. Chris forster

    Guest Suggestions

    Richard O'Brien (rocky horror and shock treatment) Patricia Quinn (rocky horror and shock treatment) Nell Campbell (rocky horror and shock treatment) Jessica Harper (suspiria and shock treatment) Cliff DeYoung (shock treatment and flight of the navigator)
  4. Chris forster

    Guest Suggestions

    Deliverance cast Ned Beatty Ronny Cox Burt Reynolds Jon Voight
  5. Chris forster

    Guest Suggestions

    Lee majors
  6. Chris forster

    Guest Suggestions

    Curb your enthusiasm Larry David jeff garlin cheryl Hines susie essman richard Lewis J.B. Smooth Bob Einstein Ted Danson
  7. Chris forster

    Guest Suggestions

    if you could get Michael Palin and Eric Idle id literally do anything u wanted
  8. Chris forster

    Guest Suggestions

    clue guests would be great! Tim Curry Lesley Ann Warren Christopher Lloyd Michael Mckean and Martin Mull
  9. Chris forster

    Guest Suggestions

    Would love to meet these guys, would literally give my left hand for them ! .Michael Palin .Eric Idle .Danny DeVito .Bruce Dern .Dan aykroyd .Burt Reynolds .Jim Carrey .Yaphet Kotto .Christopher lloyd .Tom Kenny .Tony Anselmo
  10. Michael Palin would make my day Eric idle would be sensational Christopher Lloyd lovely man who id live to meet again Burt reynolds would be great Bruce dern would be out of this world Tony Anselmo would be good Tom kenny would be awsome yaphet kotto would be absolutley fantastic Dan aykroyd would make everyone happy Danny DeVito would literally blow my mind! and finally jim carrey which would make the event go world wide and i mean it! but seriousley if you could get these guests i would gracefully thank you for a lifetime most of all if like to see michael palin and eric idle!