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  1. had a pic last time gonna get it signed this time round
  2. Great guy! was so surprised how much of a good chap he was. defo gonna get signature this time round.
  3. Hope Duran does not drop out now as he had other commitments with SRL
  4. without a doubt the biggest name & he wont be there now. great!
  5. Joe Calzaghe as he dropped out last year
  6. I think usually for photos he has his glove with him. Will this be the case this time?
  7. Carl weather's Mr T Lennox lewis Evander holyfield
  8. Went to the last collectamania and it was great! Can't wait for this one. Hope you can get some boxers again oh and Carl weather's as well please :)
  9. Is that every guest now or anymore to come? It's a great line up!
  10. Hopefully photo with Froch Collins Benn Calzaghe Bruno Hatton Jason Patrick Julie Benz
  11. Thanks Raylenth, i'm counting the days down now
  12. great stuff so earler I book photo shoot better off I will be :) Thank u guys
  13. for the photo shoots I see there is batches, so would I be best getting batch 1 for say two celebs then a batch 2 for other celebs & so on? or is it juts best to wait until the photoshoots times are released?
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