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  1. For the free talk tickets do I have to get them from the booth?
  2. Is there no wrestling talk on Saturday?
  3. StylesMania

    Wrestling Convention

    Also there are some wrestlers that fit multi roles for example Dave batista know to us wrestling fans as batista. If he was to be present you may even get some guardians of the galaxy fans comming also.
  4. StylesMania

    Wrestling Convention

    Yeah it would definitely draw loads of wrestlers have stated how they would love to come to the UK and meet there fans. This would be the perfect opportunity
  5. StylesMania

    Guest Suggestions

    Hulk holgan/Dave batista
  6. StylesMania

    Wrestling Convention

    So I have noticed each year that the amount of wrestlers at showmasters seem to increase in star power and in general. This has got me thinking that we should petition for a wrestling convention as I know there are plenty fans out there and plenty wrestlers willing to come over make this happen showmasters.
  7. StylesMania

    LFCC 2016 Tickets - First Batch on sale now

    Can you still buy tickets on the day