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  1. I take my previous comment back now they've announced Rupert!!
  2. We need to get some guests announced that'll generate more interest in the topics here, sadly I feel that whilst the numbers are ok for the guest list the calibre is a little low and we know SM are capable of much more. The forums would be much more lively if the likes of Benedict, Martin, Andrew, Amanda or Rupert were to be announced! Hopefully they'll be in talks with Benedict at LFCC to try and get him to this <fingers & everything crossed>
  3. My mum always queues with me, mainly because I tend to freeze up when confronted with the beautiful celebrities I want to meet, where as she is totally unfazed and keeps the conversation going with said celeb until I can compose myself and actually say something. We do always get VQ tickets for both of us though and I pay for the auto :)
  4. Excellent day today, the sheer amount of space easily made this one of the most relaxed events I've been to in a long time. Please if you use this again consider NOT increasing the amount of tickets sold as it was simply perfect and on a rather hot day the venue actually felt cool for most of the time! Also a big thank you from me must go out to the guys running photoshoot A for John this morning, you were amazing so friendly, polite and uber helpful with getting us in so as we avoided the dreaded clash, thanks again :)
  5. Thank you, I am only there for the Saturday but on further inspection of the schedule by my tired eyes I've spotted a morning shoot for Dean so I'm hoping I can get in that one otherwise I shall be running like a mad woman!!
  6. So Dean Cains photo shoot is on at the same time as Johns panel both of which are paid for, do we think there's any chance they'd let us go through right at the end of his shoot or even right at the end of the duo with Helen afterwards, as we all know Barrowmans panels are not to be missed? Thanks
  7. Apologies if this has been asked but if I miss Johns first photo in the morning due to late trains or whatnot can I go through to the afternoon one, no questions asked so to speak?? Ta
  8. Do we know if John (or any of the guests for that matter) will be doing selfies or photos whilst they're signing? Or will it only be announced once we get there??
  9. John Barrowman and Dean Cain, have had the pleasure of meeting the Buffy/Angel ladies before, they're amazing!
  10. Gareth David Lloyd would be awesome as would some Castle and Mentalist guests :)
  11. Hated Riley, loved Marc! I defy anyone not to love this guy after meeting him he's just adorable.
  12. Sorry but I'm a tad confused does a diamond talk mean diamond passes only can buy the tickets or can normal plebs like me buy entry to the talk as well? More specifically I'm asking about the John Barrowman talk on Saturday? Thanks :)
  13. Excellent guest, he's an absolute delight to chat to and gives very good hugs!!
  14. I'm going to keep saying it lol Gareth David Lloyd A Jack & Ianto photo is a must!!
  15. Just ordered my tickets and what an absolute faff, anyone explain why I need to provide my name, gender and date of birth for every single ticket? Trying to enter all that guff in whilst having a clock countdown how long you've got left before you lose your tickets is a proper stressy nightmare, surely someone must know how to simplify the process!!!?
  16. This is killing me, I can't justify the cost of getting time off, travelling and a hotel just for one guest but I really want to!! Talk about first world problems lol
  17. Is it bad that I enjoyed him on The Jump the other year!! :-o
  18. Any chance of Gareth David-Lloyd to go with John? I've only recently got round to finishing Torchwood and I think my slightly torn heart needs a Jack & Ianto double photo op!??
  19. Oh I quite like his grey, I think he looks dashing! He'll be a gorgeous silver fox if he lets it grow to its normal style
  20. Ha ha thank you! Everything crossed but yeah no serious disappointment here if it's not lol
  21. Thanks for the speedy replies! Still working the finances out but that makes it clearer, cheers :)
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