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  1. Friends Jennifer Aniston - Rachel Greene Courtney Cox - Monica Gellar Lisa Kudrow - Phoebe Buffay Matt Le Blanc - Joey Tribbiani Matthew Perry - Chandler Bing David Schwimmer - Ross Gellar
  2. Okay once payday gets here, another Diamond Pass shall be mine!
  3. Okay so I already suggested Ahmed Best, but I’d like to add KELLY MARIE TRAN as well. They got a lot of well deserved love and praise and I say we give them much much more at LFCC
  4. Okay so I just back from holiday and finally got around to watching Star Wars Celebration. After watching The Phantom Menace 20th Anniversary Panel, I was so happy to see Ahmed Best get the love and appreciation he deserved. So with that said.... AHMED BEST
  5. One of my former work colleagues met Danny DeVito at a UK Con. Not sure which one but I believe he isn't a first time UK signer
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong if any of these actors are UK First Time Signers: Alfonso Ribiero Michael C Hall Katey Sagal Krysten Ritter Jon Cryer
  7. I'd love to but it's a case of money and who and what I spend it on. Gonna have to think really hard on this one....
  8. I'll need to book her soon. Question is: What DVD to get signed? The Addams Family Casper Penelope
  9. And Emile De Ravin makes three! That's Robert, Lana and Emile all booked for me! All full house! Well, unless we get come more Once Upon A Time guests!
  10. Ooooo, guessing time: Tim Curry Mark Hamill Amy Jo Johnson Brie Larson Michael C Hall Charlie Sheen Kayley Cuoco Andrew Lincoln Alfonso Ribiero Krysten Ritter
  11. Okay so payday is here and more importantly: DIAMOND PASS BOOKED!
  12. Okay so about a month ago there was a post on Twitter about Final Fantasy X-2 turning 16 years old. I responded to the tweet saying how cool it would be to have the actors who played Yuna, Rikku and Paine attend a Comic Con in London. Weeks later, I get a response from Gwendoline Yeo (Paine) who tweeted this to me: “my bro Lives in the UK in Cambridge tell London, con you want me there & im in!” I’m not sure how getting guests works but I thought I’d just put this out there.
  13. A long shot, but..... Mark-Paul Gosselaar Mario Lopez Dustin Diamond Tiffani-Amber Thiessen Elizabeth Berkley Lark Voorhies Leanna Creel Dennis Haskins
  14. If Said and Suggested it before and I'll do it again. With the 20th Anniversary of Futurama: Billy West Katey Sagal John DiMaggio Maurice LaMarche Phil LaMarr Lauren Tom David Herman Kath Soucie Tress MacNeille Frank Welker David X Cohen Matt Groening
  15. Ashley Johnson (What Women Want, The Avengers, Recess & The Last of Us)
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