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  1. Kay983

    General Chat

    Hi Has any one had any problems with Eventbrite today trying too book tickets, and only getting a white screen?
  2. Kay983

    General Chat

    Any news on gold pass, when it’s available?
  3. Were do you pick David Tennant diamond pass up, I have a gold pass so be using gold pass entrance.
  4. Kay983

    Pass Pickup Times

    I got a gold pass, but can only arrive on the Saturday this year where do you collect gold passes on the Saturday? Or will it be gold pass entrance.
  5. Just a question, will it be possible to just pick gold pass up on Saturday, as I might only be down for the weekend?
  6. Think I have one major clash benedict cumberbatch Batch 16 and mark Shepard Batch 5 on Saturday pm, that's if I don't get in am one for benedict
  7. Kay983

    CM24 Photo Shoot & Talk Schedule Announced

    How does the goldpass work with photo shoot tickets asking because of Batch numbers on tickets.
  8. Kay983

    CM24 Photo Shoot & Talk Schedule Announced

    Thanks for the reply I appreciate it, I know what to do now
  9. Kay983

    CM24 Photo Shoot & Talk Schedule Announced

    I got a couple of clashes with looks of it. Saturday Ben Browder Batch 4 and Michael Shanks Batch 2 Clash with John Barrowman Talk. I will be there in time for AM shoots if that's possible. Sunday Charisma Carpenter and Julie Benz Batch 1 Clash with Pele Batch 1, will it be better do the duo shoot first as pele is longer time.
  10. Kay983


    Hi I am just planning going to comic con for first time, just curious if you buy a ticket for 9am entry what if you there for half9/10 will you still be allowed in?
  11. On Saturday, the Will Wheaton, and DS9 talks clash with the William Shatner photo session, will you be able to still go and join the queue for William Shatner after the Will Wheaton talk, Will Wheaton 11:05- 11:50, William Shatner 11:25 to 12:25
  12. Kay983


    That's great thank you
  13. Kay983


    Can you park on day, or do I need too book it before?
  14. Kay983


    Going in car to the event this time, any ideas were to park
  15. Kay983

    Guest Suggestions

    justin hartley - Smallville