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  1. DarlaK

    Guest Suggestions

    I would love if the following guests were invited to LFCC: Christian Kane (Leverage, Angel, The Librarians) Beth Riesgraf (Leverage) Riley Smith (Frequency, Nashville, Life Sentence) Clayne Crawford (Lethal Weapon, Leverage) Charisma Carpenter (Angel, Buffy, Charmed) Julie Benz (No Ordinary Family, Angel, Dexter) John Larroquette (The Librarians, Night Court)
  2. DarlaK

    Guest Suggestions

    Oh, I'd love to see Kevin Nash at that con! Plus, I also gotta throw in Christian Kane when it comes to suggestions from Buffy/Angel. And Julie Benz. And Charisma Carpenter. <3
  3. DarlaK

    Guest Suggestions

    I would also love to see guests from Angel/Buffy - especially Christian Kane! But also Charisma Carpenter and Julie Benz.
  4. DarlaK

    Guest Suggestions

    I'd also LOVE to see Julie Benz! Even more so if they also got CHRISTIAN KANE from Angel, Leverage, The Librarians. A duo photo op with both of them is still on my bucket list. <3 Others I'd love to meet? Beth Riesgraf (Leverage) Charisma Carpenter (Angel, Buffy) Bruce Campbell Rachel Miner Stephanie Romanov (Angel)
  5. DarlaK

    Guest Suggestions

    I would love if you invited CHRISTIAN KANE from "The Librarians" and "Angel". Other cast members from "The Librarians" would also be pretty sweet, esp. David S. Lee - or Charisma Carpenter from "Angel"/"Buffy".