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  1. ^ thanks guys. Seems such a pity. I wonder why it was filmed then (other than to be on the background screen) and with such a strict "no filming" rule. Gossip on the day had it for the DVD
  2. There was rumour at the comic con that the BTTF cast talk being filmed was for the dvd reissue of the trilogy in October - anyone know by now if any of it (even 5 minutes!) has made it onto the release? Thanks!
  3. captainkirk

    Return to the Future T-Shirt

    Ok my mistake, sorry - i still want one though! I could have sworn a few years back there was a docu called return to the future, though not this current one. Maybe I'm getting old and forgetful lol!
  4. captainkirk

    Return to the Future T-Shirt

    I got the MJF Diamond pass and the shirt that I got with it was the 'Return to the future' with Marty holding a hoverboard in white silhouette with a blue outline. I didn't see anyone wearing a Fox to the Future shirt that I can remember, so I don't know where those came from. Showmasters said that this shirt would only be available through buying the Diamond Pass, so I don't think you'll have much luck finding one I'm afraid. Thank you for your reply! I guess i'll have to do without one! But i think i just assumed this "fox" one I saw was the diamond pass one, as the diamond pass wording called it a "1 x Exclusive London Film & Comic Con Back to the Future Fox t-shirt" and plugging the return to the future docu doesn't really cover that (as much as I want one though!) But thanks for replying.
  5. captainkirk

    Return to the Future T-Shirt

    Without meaning to sound dumb can I ask how people got the "Return to the future" t shirt? You mention it came with a diamond pass? I stupidly didn't buy one (a pass I mean), but I thought the MJF diamond passes came with "1 x Exclusive London Film & Comic Con Back to the Future Fox t-shirt" not the Return to the future one? I saw people on the day wearing an official LFCC one with "Fox to the future" on the front in the BTTF style, was that not the free one with the MJF passes? Anywhere selling either one by the way?
  6. captainkirk

    why did this happen

    i guess this is him? http://www.musculardystrophyuk.org/news/wonder-woman-collections/ I think he looks great and it's for such a great cause - people can be such complete arseholes, esp when you put them in groups.. bullies feed off the laughter of the others in their group, and they are complete tossers. I'm so sorry this happened to him.
  7. captainkirk

    'SPECTRE' Trailer Lands

    Very excited for this! Cannot wait!
  8. captainkirk

    The Fades

    When watching shield for the first time we were like "it's him it's him!!!", fades was great telly :)