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  1. Hi again As said previously, is my first LFCC this year, and boyfriend has booked tickets for the both of us under his name We have them both on his phone - in the app - and also printed out as paper form. A few people have mentioned ID, and was wondering if he/we will need to bring any with us on the day? He only has his driving license and bank card, will these be okay? And will I be able to get in okay with a ticket booked by him? And will I need ID? Thanks x
  2. Thanks :) I have a Tumblr also, so will credit people there too ^^
  3. Thanks :) Hopefully will be able to get some good photos - aslong as can pluck up the courage to ask aha
  4. Hi, As said above it's my first time at the event this year Only attending on the Saturday, but am wanting to take as many pictures as possible, hopefully of any awesome cosplays we find also! Was just wondering how to go about asking people if its okay to take their photo/ have a photo with them? And is this allowed inside and out the venue? Am quite shy when talking/approaching new people, so looking for any advice on how to ask Thanks ^^ *Edit - title should say LFCC *
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